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About the WCAS Executive Council Members

Lisa Hassan WCAS'97



Lisa currently works for Compass Medical as site supervisor of a radiology suite. Her team provides compassionate care to patients who need diagnostic imaging including x-ray, ultrasound, mammography, bone density and CT scans, with keen regard for patient comfort and patient safety. There are many moving pieces in a radiology suite but the overall goal is to provide a diagnostic report to an ordering doctor for use in providing high quality patient healthcare.

Lisa graduated from the Boston College Evening College in 1997 with a BA in management. Her career benefitted from her management degree in many ways as she navigated between industries and adapted to changing markets. She worked in real estate for 7 years and began to switch her focus to the healthcare industry in 2007 managing care/referral coordination. She then went on to medical information technology to support hospitals transitioning to electronic medical records as part of the Federal Meaningful Use requirements for the industry.

She became involved with the WCAS Alumni Council in 2003, when it was still called the Evening College Alumni Association, enjoying the many activities, relationships made and experiences shared with other alumni. She participated as a board member serving as secretary, and later as vice president. When the group transitioned to an affinity group, Lisa took on the position as chair of the WCAS Alumni Council.

In her own words, “The path for students of the Woods College is a non-traditional path because most evening students work full-time during the day. They begin their careers while they are students, adapt their goals and finally graduate with a degree; but the students are blessed with so much more, because they benefit from a plethora of life experiences that shape and guide their paths along the way. The WCAS Alumni Council hopes to engage alumni with creative programming and leadership opportunities. The council seeks to nurture lasting relationships between alumni and current students to involve them with the ongoing life of the university. I see my role as co-chair of the WCAS Alumni Council to encourage conversations, to build lasting relationships, and to honor the unique paths that define WCAS alumni.”

Michael Rodriguez MS'15



Michael Rodriguez received his master’s in administrative studies from BC in 2015 and soon after became involved with the WCAS Alumni Council. As he explains: “I was working at BC, a place that I grew to love and value, and I thought that being on the council would keep me connected to the BC community.” He became a general member of the council in 2016 and co-chair in the following year.

Rodriguez is project manager and director of events at The Trustees, a nonprofit in Boston; founded 126 years ago, it is the oldest land conservation organization in the United States! The Trustees maintains and cares for 116 properties throughout Massachusetts, including historic homes and working farms, as well as mountains, woodlands, 125 miles of coastline, and even some dinosaur footprints!

Sheyron Banks

WGCAS'11, P'11, '17


A graduate of Brandeis University with a BA degree, Sheri began her career in the property and casualty insurance industry. She was employed by various insurance companies throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states as she followed her husband’s career trajectory. While servicing those territories, Sheri held the positions of claims representative, supervisor, trainer, subrogation examiner, arbitrator, and national office specialist. She earned her associates in claims (AIC) designation from the Insurance Institute of America and transitioned into human resources while still in the insurance field. Sheri completed her human resources management certificate at Bentley University which afforded her the opportunity to also work as a part-time instructor for the Insurance Library Association in Boston. While she was director of recruitment and employee development at The Norfolk & Dedham Group, Sheri decided to become a part of the Boston College “family” and accepted the position of officer in the University’s human resources department in 2001.

Unfortunately, a month after she began working at BC, Sheri’s husband passed away suddenly. During this time, Sheri first met Father Woods. She will never forget the love and support she and her family received from him. While working with Fr. Woods on a recruitment matter, he encouraged Sheri to pursue her MS in administrative studies which she did successfully. Her gratitude is the driving force behind the time and effort she volunteers to the WCAS Alumni Council.

Sheri joined the WCAS Alumni Association in 2011 and initially served as an alumni liaison. She sought to encourage employee alums to participate in scheduled events. Currently, Sheri is an Executive Committee member and serves on the Engagement Sub-committee. From the beginning, her intent has been to promote conversations on diversity and inclusion at the Executive Committee level. Sheri was a major contributor in the development of the new mission statement and council goals.

Although Sheri is a non-active employee as she is a multiple stroke survivor, she participates in a variety of on-campus initiatives and activities which allows her to remain involved with current faculty, staff, and administrators. Sheri devotes as much time as possible working on the WCAS Alumni Council. Her focus continues to be placed on recruiting a diverse population of alumni, particularly employees, to participate in any WCAS activity and all BC events; supporting the chair of the Executive Committee, keeping mindful of the stated mission and goals and completing all administrative action items requested of the committee; and participating in the Programming and Communication and Marketing Sub-Committee meetings as time permits.

Jane Crimilisk



Jane is from the Boston area and worked in the court system for 30 years. She served in a number of capacities serving as a judicial secretary in appeals court and the Massachusetts Supreme Court and then worked as a probation officer in the Suffolk Probate Court. She also taught typing, notehand, consumer Economics and legal terminology for high school and adult education courses.

She affectionately refers to her time at Woods as the “Evening College,” which she graduated from in 1974 with a bachelor of arts degree in sociology. Since she graduated she has been actively involved in both the general alumni association & the Evening College Alumni Association since its inception in the mid to late 1970's. She was the first female president of the Evening College Alumni Association 1984-1985 and was elected to the general Alumni Board from 1982-1984. She also served on the Spiritual Life Committee.

Jane currently sits on the WCAS Alumni Council’s Executive Board and has been class correspondent for the Woods College of Advancing Studies since the late 1970's. She works on the Engagement Committee to increase the awareness of the Woods College Alumni Council as well as recruit new and prospective members to serve on the council.

Abby Jarvis



Abby grew up in the Northeast, but last year relocated to the South (Nashville, Tenn.) to pursue a job opportunity at Vanderbilt University. She’s been working in higher education for over eight years and more specifically fundraising and alumni relations for the past five years. She currently serves as the associate director of volunteer outreach for undergraduate schools, where her primary focus is on reunion fundraising and working with hundreds of alumni reunion volunteers. She was previously the director of alumni relations at Labouré College in Milton, Mass.

Abby graduated with a BA from the University of New Hampshire in 2005 and received her MS degree in administrative studies in 2010 from the Woods College, where her focus was marketing & public relations. She first learned of the WCAS Alumni Council shortly after graduation and officially joined the group in 2011. In her own words, “I really felt that I owed Fr. Woods a lot for the opportunity he afforded me to earn a Boston College degree and wanted to ‘give back’ while staying connected to the BC alumni community. I felt giving my time and volunteering for this group was the best way to accomplish that.” She’s now been involved for nearly five years and it has been a wonderful experience connecting with other WCAS graduates, both personally and professionally.

Because she is the only Executive Council member located outside of New England, she is specifically focused on all aspects of the Communication and Marketing Committee. She has helped to re-vamp our council website and Facebook page, while spreading news, encouraging event attendance, and promoting alumni engagement. She’s also worked on the main WCAS Facebook page and the WCAS LinkedIn page.

In addition to the WCAS Council, Abby is also involved in the Boston College Nashville Chapter and Special Olympics Tennessee, where she serves on their Young Professionals Board and has been working to establish Special Olympics college chapters across Tennessee; the first was at Vanderbilt in July 2017. She is excited to continue working with the WCAS Alumni Council where she can work collectively to make a difference in the Woods College alumni community.

James Nagle



Jim has for over 30 years been involved with managing data centers in major banking, insurance, technology and communication companies. He graduated from the Woods College in 1989, where his focus was business management.

Jim first became active in the WCAS Alumni Association just after he graduated and has been involved ever since. He always wanted to stay committed to the Woods College even after graduation and getting involved seemed the best way to stay connected. Nearly 30 years after graduation, Jim still keeps in touch and attends events with his Woods College friends.

Jim has held all positions, within the Woods Council, over the years. He has served as treasurer, secretary, vice president, & president. He was also served 3 years on the Boston College General Alumni Board. He currently serves on the WCAS Alumni Council’s Executive Committee and more specifically the Engagement Committee, hoping to encourage each and every current alumnus of the WCAS to look into what we do, get involved, and become an active participant of the BC community.

Rick Reilly



Rick was the former senior vice president at American Arbitration for 30 years (1970-2000) and became chair for Governor Deval Patrick in Massachusetts of the Joint Labor Management Committee for all labor negotiations (2010-2013). He now works as an independent mediator and arbitrator, doing labor, commercial, and community mediation. Rick holds degrees from Fordham University, St. John’s University, and most recently Boston College. He was just elected to the National Board of Directors (2016-2019) for the National Association for Community Mediation.


In addition to his vast career and involvement in the Woods Alumni Council, Rick is also an Army veteran, served as a member of Big Brothers, a tennis umpire at the U.S. Open, an algebra teacher, and is a professional Santa Claus including playing Santa at Boston College’s Winter Wonderland. He has run over 42 marathons and represented the USA in the Goodwill Games Marathons in both the Soviet Union and the United States.


Rick has been actively involved with the WCAS Alumni Council for over 10 years. He received his MA in administrative studies from the Woods College in 2003, became involved in the council in 2004, and has been involved ever since. Rick has served in a number of capacities including president (2010 - 2012) and will be focusing on generating interest and engagement among new and younger members.

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