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AHANA Alumni Advisory Council

AHANA Alumni Advisory Council Members

Front row (left to right): Kevin Smart, Wynndell Bishop, Susan Choy, Darcel Clark, Juan Concepcion, Tanji Marshall, Kendall Reid, Yasmin Nunez
Middle row (left to right): Gerry Lake, Dawn McNair, Dan Bunch, Nicholas Rodrigues, Veronica Chappelle-McNair, Annelise Hagar Preciado, Emmanuella Renelique, Doreen Hope, Tamy-Fee Meneide, Laureen Mullins, Danette Boone, Michelle Sanchez, Arivee Rozier-Byrd, Aundrea Cline-Thomas, Fr. James Hairston, Bob Marshall, Jose Lopez
Back row (left to right): Ricardo Salinas, Donald Garnett, Juan Arteaga, Akim St. Omer, Carlos Coutinho, Charles Grandson IV
Council Members not pictured: Arnie Sookram, Eva Boyce, Gary Correia, Micaela Mabida, J.R. Clark, Florence Mitchell, Gail Hunter Ellis, Mark Florido, Sarah Ha, Ilyitch Tabora, Gabriela Fullon, LaShawn Norton, L-Mani Viney, Steve Pemberton, Valerie Lewis-Mosley, Steve To

The AHANA Alumni Advisory Council was founded to promote the involvement of AHANA (African-American, Hispanic/Latino, Asian-American, and Native American) alumni in all aspects of the University. The council is dedicated to creating better communication, new programming, increased financial support, and student mentorship and professional development opportunities. More information.

Recent News and Events

Donald Garnett '77

Celebrating the Life of Donald “Philly” Garnett ’77

With great sadness, the BC community mourns the passing of 1977 Morrissey College of Arts & Sciences graduate Donald Garnett.  Click here for more information or see BC AHANA Alumni (Global) on Facebook.


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