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Graduate Alumni News

Track Turtles
Using Drones to Track Turtles

Branick Weix '19 put his entrepreneurial skills to work over spring break tracking endangered sea turtles in a new way. Discover More.

BC’s World Wide Webinars Continue

BC brings the experts to you with its popular webinar series. Read more

Digital Education for the Disabled

Just like buildings, digital resources can be made accessible to all through good design and planning, writes Kyle Shachmut M.Ed. '09, president of the National Federation of the Blind of Massachusetts and associate technology consultant at the Lynch School of Education, in an op-ed for the Boston Globe

screenshot of video entitled,
The School of Theology and Ministry: A Conversation

The graduate students in the School of Theology and Ministry often say that their journeys to understanding faith are shaped by dialogue with one another; here, Two School of Theology and Ministry students discuss the power those conversations have had on their own educational experiences. View the conversation.

Light the World Campaign