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Password Information for Mac

Although BC will now allow you to create a password that is greater than 8 characters, the standard Apple User Authentication Module that is built into the Mac Operating System will not accept a password that is longer than 8 characters when connecting to a Windows server on the Local Area Network.

Note: The BC password you create is used for accessing BC services like email, servers, Agora, and more - it is not the password you use to actually log in to your Mac computer. The computer log in password on your Mac is selected by you within the Mac Control Panels and only resides on the computer - it is not managed by BC at all.

Mac users have two options:

  1. Select a BC password that is only 8 characters.
  2. Or, if you want to take advantage of the ability to have a longer BC password, install the Microsoft User Authentication Module (UAM) on your computer. Use the link at the bottom of this page to install Microsoft UAM now.

There are two advantages to installing the Microsoft UAM - 1) It will allow Mac users to use a password greater than 8 characters long 2) and it provides password encryption when logging into a Windows Server. The standard Apple UAM provides only minimal encryption (if any) so your password could easily be intercepted on the Local Area Network or Internet.

Mac users are not required to use the Microsoft UAM, but if you would like to set your BC password to one that is longer than 8 characters, you will need to install the Microsoft UAM to connect to Windows servers on the Boston College network. If you choose to use Microsoft UAM, you will need to download it on any Mac you use in your office or at home. The Technology Consultants will be installing Microsoft UAM on classroom and lab computers.

Download Microsoft UAM