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recommended at bc

Anti-virus software in use at BC.

Software to remove malware from your computer.

Recommended web browsers for use at BC.

Development Tools
Tools for writing software programs.

Email & Calendaring
Recommended email and calendaring clients for use at BC.

Emergency Notification Software
Get urgent information from BC public safety personnel.

File Compression
Tools to manage and compress files.

FTP Clients
Tools to FTP files.

Network Connectivity Tools
Tools for connecting to BC's network.

Office Suites
Word processing, spreadsheet, and presentation software.

Operating Systems
Windows 7 and Windows Vista upgrades for your computer.

Print Management
Tools for managing printing at BC.

Tools to view and manage documents.

Research software and documentation.

Telnet and SSH Clients
Recommended telnet and SSH clients for use at BC.

Windows System Software
Windows 7 and Windows Vista upgrades for your computer.