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Retired Faculty Grants

Proposals Awarded for 2013 -2014

A committee appointed by the Executive Committee of the Boston College Association of Retired Faculty reviewed all applications. Projects are to be completed at least by the end of the academic year following the year of the award. A brief report on the outcome of the funded effort is to be prepared and submitted to the President of the Boston College Asso­ciation of Retired Faculty.

BCARF Grants 2014-2015

• Matilda Bruckner, Romance Languages/French,

Travel expenses for Modern Language Association AnnualConvention 2015

• Jean Mooney, Lynch School of Education,

Project to design “Academic Support for Students Who Struggle in a Catholic School Environment”

• Richard Rowland, Graduate School of Social Work,

Civic development and community well-being inTsakane, South Africa, an ongoing project requiring travel.

• Rebecca Valette, Romance Languages and Literature,

Production of a book: “Navajo Weavings with Ceremonial Themes”

• Judith Wilt, ENGLISH,

Attendance at the “Bi-annual Conference of the International Gothic Association”.