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Retired Faculty Benefits

be sure to check the official retired faculty handbook for details.

There are many benefits available to retired faculty.  A complete description can be found in the Retired Faculty Handbook.

A brief summary of these benefits includes:

Identification card: Faculty will continue to use the same Boston College ID card that they used prior to retirement. The ID card is necessary for library use and Bookstore discounts. Retired faculty receive the same Bookstore discounts as active employees.

Use of library and computer facilities.

Retired faculty members have the same library privileges as active faculty.

Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center:

The Faculty Micro Resource Center (FMRC), a computing think-shop run by regular faculty is now part of the Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) and is located in O’Neill Library 250H, x2-4349.  The FMRC Moderators are: M. J. Connolly (Slavic & Eastern Languages),; Clare O’Connor, (Biology),; and Kit Baum (Economics),  Access to FMRC is by a retiree’s Boston College ID card.  Visit FMRC during staffed hours to have your BC ID card activated for full 24-hour, 7-day access. The Moderators may be contacted by email at any time for assistance.

For assistance retired faculty may also contact the Help Center (617) 552-HELP (4357;;   Technology services specifically for faculty and staff include: Technology Consultants, Faculty Guide to Technology, Faculty Microcomputer Resource Center, PeopleSoft Financials, PeopleSoft Recruiting Solutions, BC Data Warehouse and MyReports Web Reporting (BC sign-in required).

The Technology Consultant for 3 Lake Street, Ahmed Naim, (2-6327) is also available to provide assistance.Dining Services: All of the Boston College dining facilities are available to retired faculty, including the Faculty Dining Room and the Players Club for faculty and staff only. There are eight restaurants and snack bars across campus.

For information on dining facilities, including days and hours of operation, call 617-552- 2263 or go to

Tuition Remission: Retired faculty may attend academic courses offered at the University (excluding the Law School), tuition-free, under certain conditions that are listed in the Faculty Handbook. The spouse of a retired faculty member may also audit a course tuition-free by similarly making an informal arrangement with the course instructor.

Athletic Events, Recreational Facilities, Skating: Retired faculty have the same access, including discounts, to athletic events and to the RECPLEX as do the active faculty.  Retired faculty members and their immediate families may skate at Conte Forum free of charge during general skating sessions on school days and at a nominal charge per person during evening, weekend, and holiday sessions.

Multi-Cultural Events: Throughout the academic year, Boston College sponsors a variety of multi-cultural activities open to all members of the University community.  These include theater and dance events, University Chorale concerts, various musical and dance programs, lectures, guided tours of exhibitions at the McMullen Museum of Art, liturgical events, and many other events.

Notices of events are given in The Boston College Chronicle, in The Heights, and on the Events Calendar at Retired faculty are encouraged to participate in the multi-cultural events and to contact the offices of the sponsoring organizations to be placed on their mailing lists.

Museum of Fine Arts, Museum of Science Program: Boston College’s membership in the Museum of Fine Arts entitles the University to fifteen permanent passes for visits to the Museum without charge during the year.  Retired faculty members are welcome to use these passes.  The passes may be borrowed at the circulation desk of the O’Neill Library and returned there after the visit. 

Tickets to the Museum of Science may also be obtained at the circulation desk of the O’Neill Library.

On-Campus Parking: Entering the Brighton campus from Lake Street, 3 Lake Street, the location of the Donovan Retired Faculty Suite, is the building immediately on the left.  The parking spaces just beyond 3 Lake Street are reserved for those who work in the building.  Retired faculty may park past those spaces or in the parking lot over the hill behind 9 Lake Street, the School of Theology and Ministry.

Entering the Brighton campus from Commonwealth Avenue, the same parking lot is on the left, just past the Cadigan Alumni Center.  At the north end of the parking lot is the STM Library Auditorium where the BCARF program meetings are held.  Entrance to the Library Auditorium is on the ground level.

If desired, a retiree may also purchase a “G” permit for the year. For complete information go to (click Visitor/Guest Parking), call the Office of Transportation (617-552-0151) or send an email to ed BCARF meetings and events. The first twenty minutes are free, then $3 for each additional hour, payable upon exiting the garage. If desired, a retiree may also purchase a “G” permit for the year.  For complete information go to

Boston College Publications: Retired faculty members are eligible to receive several university publications including the Retired Faculty Newsletter, BC Chronicle, and BC Magazine

Bookstore: A discount on many purchases is available to retired faculty members.

Email: Faculty members may use their BC email address or redirect email to an address of their choice.  Contact Susan Hynes at 617-552-4780 or