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Calendar 2015-2016

Schedule of General Meetings for all Retired Faculty



In 2015-2016 all BCARF General Meetings will be held on Thursdays from Noon to 1.45 the first floor conference room at 3 Lake St. on the Brighton campus.

A light luncheon of sandwiches, accompaniments and beverages will be served. 
The John Donovan Suite for Retired Faculty is on the third floor.


Note that all regular BCARF activities will be held on Thursdays 2014 -2015

 Program Meetings are scheduled for 117 Lake Street, Room 113, (the auditorium of the Theology and Ministry Library) 11.30 AM to 1.45 PM with lecture beginning at Noon.  Light buffet of sandwiches and beverages is served.

 Book Club meets from 10.30 AM to 11.45 AM John Donovan Suite Rm 302, 3 Lake St.

 Research Seminar meets Noon to 1.45 PM in First Floor Conference Room 3 Lake St with a light luncheon served.

 Executive Committee meets from Noon to 1.45 PM in the John Donovan Suite, Room 302, 3 Lake St.

 Art Museum Tours to be scheduled

September 17  10.00 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

The subject for discussion is Girl on the Train.

September 17 Noon Research Seminar, 1st floor conference room, 3 Lake St.

Philip G. Altbach J. Donald Monan Research Professor (Emeritus), Lynch School of Education, and Director of the Center for International Education, will present his work on "Trends in Global Higher Education"

September 24 11.30 am to 2.00 pm Program Meeting,  STM Library Auditorium 117 Lake St. Room 113

Sandra Waddock, Carroll School of Management

"Healers, Connectors, and Sensemakers: Academics as Intellectual Shamans"

Professor Waddock, Galligan Chair of Strategy and Professor of Management in CSOM, is the author or editor of eleven books and numerous essays on corporate responsibility and management education.  Her most recent book is INTELLECTUAL SHAMANS: MANAGEMENT ACADEMICS MAKING A DIFFERENCE (2015)

October 15 10.00 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St

ShouldThe subject for discussion is Dead Wake: The Last Voyage of the Lusitania

October 15 Noon Research Seminar, 1st Floor Conference Room, 3 Lake St.

Laurel Eisenhauer, Nursing, will present her work, "Searching for Annie: Adventures in Historical Research in a Small Town."

October 22 11.30 am – 2 pm Program Meeting, STM Library Auditorium 117 Lake St., Room 113

Professor, Chairperson, Dean, Interim Provost, Joe Quinn has seen BC from numerous 
perspectives since his arrival in 1974. His research fields include labor economics, social 
security reform, and economics of aging. Now professor again, Joe continues to publish and 
teach—including a freshman seminar on social insurance. 

His "homework assignment" for those of us attending the October 22 meeting 
is—let's ALL be ready to talk about our own career evolutions, and that of BC itself.

November 12, 10 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

• November: Those Who Love by Irving Stone

November 12 Noon Research Seminar, 1st Floor Conference Room, 3 Lake St.

Hugh Ault of the Law School will make a presentation on Thurs (Nov. 12) from noon to 1:30 on "What Do Starbucks, Amazon, and Google All Have in Common?—and Taxation."

November 19. 11.30 am – 2pm Program Meeting, STM  Library Auditorium 117 Lake St Room 113

December 3, 11 am.  Art tour of LaFarge Exhibit

December 10, 10.30 am Book Club, Donovan  Suite, 3 Lake St.

• December: Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman

January 21 10.00 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

• January: Damascus Gate by Robert Stone

January 21 Noon, Research Seminar, 1st floor conference room, 3 Lake St.

A presentation by Richard Mackey of the School of Social Work on "Couples in Relationships that Last."

January 28 11.30 am-2 pm Program Meeting, STM  Library Auditorium 117 Lake St Room 113

Law, Religion and Morality: A Culture of Engagement

Professor Cathleen Kaveny, Theology and Law

Professor Kaveny is the holder of the Darald and Juliet Libby Chair at BC, which includes 
appointments in the Law School and the Department of Theology, and is the author of more 
than forty articles and essays in her fields of law, ethics, and medical ethics. She has two books 
out this year, one on "prophetic indictment" in the American religious tradition called Prophecy 
Without Contempt
, and another, with the title above, which is a collection of her articles 
from Commonweal magazine, substantially revised and updated from their original publication, 
on such hot-button issues as abortion, government-sponsored torture, contraception,capital 
punishment, and assisted suicide. She spent 18 years at Notre Dame before her 2014 arrival at 
BC, where she teaches courses at the intersection of Law and Theology like "Bioethics and 
the Law," "Mercy and Justice," and "Complicity."

February 18   10.30 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

Inside the O’Briens by Lisa Genova

February 18  Noon Research Seminar, 1st floor conference room, 3 Lake St.

 Paul Doherty, of the English Department will make a presentation on “Retirement Writing: Stories and Poems,” concerning his  writing since retiring in 2012. Doherty was a member of the department for 48 years, specializing in James Joyce but teaching courses ranging from composition and rhetoric to Shakespeare. He served twice as the department chair and was later its graduate director. He also directed the Lowell Lectures Humanities Series and received the 2012 BC Community Service Award. 

February 25 11.30 am-2 pm, Program Meeting,  STM  Library Auditorium 117 Lake St Room 113

"New Directions for the Environmental Studies Program at BC"

Professor Noah Snyder, Earth and Environmental Studies

Associate Professor Noah Snyder directs the Environmental Studies Program at BC, which recently established an interdisciplinary undergraduate Major, with its first fifteen students accepted from the class of 2014. He has worked with the US Geological Survey Coastal and Marine Geology Team and the Utah Geological Survey, and teaches and publishes in the fields of  River Restoration, Remote Sensing, and Fluvial Geomorphology. The Environmental Studies Program offers a minor as well as the new major, and has established the Boston College Energy and Environment Alumni Network for the growing number of BC graduates working in a range of professions tied to the energy and environment sectors. Professor Snyder will bring one of his students to join in the presentation of the Program's work, and its importance.

March 10 Noon Research Seminar, 1st floor conference room, 3 Lake St.

On Thursday, March 10, Robert Daly, SJ, of the Theology Department will make a presentation on “Ecological Euchology: Why Darwin, Einstein, and Hubble Should Shape Praying and Preaching."  Attached please find a copy of his paper, which he would like you to print and bring with you to the seminar. We will meet as usual in the first-floor conference room of 3 Lake St. from noon to1:30. A light lunch is provided.

Prof. Daly was educated at BC High and BC, and holds a doctorate in theology from Julius Maximilians Universität, Würzburg (Germany). He has been a member of the Society of Jesus since 1950 and was a member of the BC Theology Department from 1971 to  2002, serving as chair of his department for fifteen yearsP. In addition to translating and editing ten volumes, Daly has authored works in several fields of theology. The publications have continued in retirement. He has been active in the Catholic Theology Society of America, the Catholic Biblical Association, the North American Academy of Liturgy, and the Jesuit Institute.

A few years ago, when still in his 70s, Daly expressed his amazement that “I am still encountering mind-blowing, extraordinary experiences of discovering new and exciting things,” a few of which he will share with us.

For insights into Daly’s life, work, and personality see the wide-ranging interview with him at <>.

March 10  10.00 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

Nora Webster by Colin Tolbin

March 17 11.30 am to 2 pm Program Meeting, STM  Library Auditorium 117 Lake St Room 113

The McMullen Museum: Looking Back to Look Forward

Nancy Netzer, Professor of Art History and Director of the McMullen Museum of Art 

Professor Netzer is spearheading the Museum's move to the Brighton Campus in the fall of 
2016, and the development of programs and facilities, which that move will make possible. She teaches courses on European medieval art of the first millennium and the history and philosophy of museums from the classical period to the present, and her research centers on illuminated manuscripts and metalwork of Britain, Ireland, and the Continent in the early medieval period,  and on the collecting, publication, and display of medieval art from the early modern period to the present. 

April 14 10.00 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

April 14  Noon, Research Seminar, 1st floor conference room, 3 Lake St.

On Thursday, April 14, Marian St. Onge of Romance Languages will make a presentation on “Louis Adrien Favre: Priest, Poet and French Resistance Hero.” Professor St. Onge is working on a longer biography of Father Favre, who was a leader in Jewish refugee activities during World War II and a key intelligence agent of the Gaullist French Resistance. He was imprisoned, tortured, and executed by the Gestapo. In her talk St. Onge will describe how she came upon his story and the dramatic evidence she has discovered. After an overview of World War II in France, she will analyze how a boy born in a high Alpine village of simple devoutly Catholic peasant stock became the great man Louis Favre surely was. 

After Marian St. Onge received her Ph.D. in French Literature from Boston College, she was hired by Romance Languages and developed curricula in French language and culture. She directed BC’s Women's Studies Program and in 1991 was appointed the founding Director of Boston College’s Center for International Partnerships and Programs. A former President of the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association, St. Onge has received fellowships from the NEH, Ford Foundation, and Fulbright Program. Before retiring in 2006 she was Michael Dukakis' Visiting Professor in International Affairs at the American College, Thessaloniki, Greece. St. Onge has published travelers’ guides, articles on women writers, cultural issues, and topics in international education.

April 21 11.30 am-2 pm Program Meeting, STM  Library Auditorium 117 Lake St Room 113

Jack Burke, Ann Crowley and Tufts representatives

May 12  10.00 am Book Club, Donovan Suite, 3 Lake St.

The Red Coat : A Novel of Boston by Dolley Carlson

May 19 11.30 am – 2 pm Annual and Program Meeting, STM  Library Auditorium 117 Lake St Room 113



Guided Museum Tours


 Honorary member and McMullen Art Museum docent Peg Dwyer leads members on informative tours of each new exhibit at the University’s McMullen Art Museum.  Contact : Peg Dwyer




Annual Year-end Banquet


 SAVE THE DATE : May 25th, 2016

The annual year-end Retired Faculty Banquet is held in May.

 Come for a fabulous dinner, awards, welcoming of newly retired faculty and an all around great time.

5:30 PM Cocktails, 6:30 PM Dinner

Murray Conference Room on the 4th Floor of the Yawkey Athletic Center.