Greenleaf Publishing, 2011

Sandra Waddock, Carroll School of Management

This book is about the myriad problems that we face and the systemic changes that are necessary for all enterprises in whatever sector and however constituted to operate within sustainable limits, to lower their ecological footprint, to enhance social equity. The authors see the seeds of economic change in new and fundamentally different forms - in entrepreneurship, networks, governance, transparency and accountability - already being planted and beginning to grow. To nurture these developments, they believe that we need to learn to 'see' in new ways to begin to recognize their worth and to create a sufficiently broad, coherent and integrated social movement for change that can overcome the momentum of the current system. Deep change is needed in the purposing, goals and practice of business enterprises. This book documents some of the changes that are already in progress and proposes that a sustainable enterprise economy geared to innovation, creativity, problem-solving, entrepreneurialism and enthusiasm for life can produce wealth, preserve the natural environment and nurture social capital.

Refocusing School Leadership