Seeds of Hope:
Young Adults and the Catholic Church in the United States


Mahwah, NJ: Paulist Press, 2008

Timothy Muldoon, Assistant to the Vice President for University Mission and Ministry

Young adults are immersed in a world governed by market forces, such that the main challenge of the Church is to bridge the world of market forces and the world opened up by faith. Seeds of Hope asks what kind of Church we are inviting young people to join and then analyzes the contemporary social and spiritual landscapes in search of signs of hope for the future of the Church. Examining the best sociological reflection, including current data about young Hispanics in the United States, this book examines five key areas of concern: theology, ecumenism, liturgy, spirituality, and moral authority. It attempts both to understand the challenges facing young adults in these areas and to offer constructive proposals for how all Catholics - laity and clergy - can respond to this important group.


Seeds of Hope: Young Adults and the Catholic Church in the United States


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