Paulist Press, 2013

Richard Lennan and Nancy Pineda-Madrid, School of Theology and Ministry

This book addresses both the possibility that hope offers and the capacity of hope to respond to the challenges that life presents to us all whether confronted by natural disasters, terrorism, mass killings, or personal tragedy. What is particular to this book is that it offers a theology of hope. This means that this book defines hope in relation to the revelation of God in Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, that it locates hope in relation to faith and love, the three great pillars of the Christian life, and that it establishes a dialogue between the Christian tradition and the concrete circumstances of contemporary society in order to show the difference that hope can make.

The authors of the essays in this book, each a member of the faculty of the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College, encompass the full range of theological disciplines: biblical studies, practical theology, liturgical theology, moral theology, historical theology, and systematic theology. As working theologians, the authors bring to this book a rich experience of involvement in the life of the church in the present-day world, as well as a deep familiarity with contemporary theology.

The purpose of this book is to take us all on a journey toward a greater appreciation of God’s presence in our experience of hope.

Hope: Promise, Possibility, and Fulfillment