The Emerging Self in Psychotherapy with Adults


Oak Park, IL: Bentham Science Publishers, 2009.

By Richard A. Mackey, Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Social Work

“The self has been of concern to theologians, philosophers, social and behavioral scientists for centuries and has received considerable attention from psychiatrists, psychologists and psychoanalysts in recent decades. In the human services professions, the concept has served as a tool for describing how psychotherapists behave with clients as well as a theoretical tool for reminding us of the importance of being aware of our thoughts and feelings in professional relationships.”

“This book is intended to complement existing theories by offering psychotherapists and students, who are preparing for careers in the human services, a perspective on the dynamic inner life of human beings as they live out their lives in the context of human relationships. Regardless of one’s theoretical orientation and the professional suit one chooses to wear in practice, an understanding of the structure and development of the self are important elements in professional education and in successful therapy with clients.”

Emerging Self


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Comments from Richard Mackey

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