Oxford University Press, 2013

Natana J. DeLong-Bas, Theology Department

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women provides current information on the major topics of scholarly interest within the study of Islam and women. With more than 450 articles written by leading international experts and with a concentration on contemporary issues, it is a single source for accurate overview articles covering all aspects of this flourishing area of research. Organized around the central conceptual themes in research on Islam and women including Self and Body, Immigration and Minorities, Culture and Expression, Politics and Polity, and Community and Society, as well as Science, Medicine and Education among others, this work examines the scholarship on Islam and women that has expanded over the past twenty years, as well as cross-pollination between other fields and disciplines.

The Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women is also available to subscribing libraries as part of Oxford Islamic Studies Online.

Oxford Encyclopedia of Islam and Women