United States presidential “they also rans” were, to be more forthright, presidential losers.  But what is a loser, really?   It is true that these candidates were unsuccessful in their quest for our nation's highest public office.  The candidates featured in this exhibit were, nonetheless, major players; many even were groundbreakers who left a lasting impact on the political map.  Al Smith, a four-term Democratic governor of New York, and the first Catholic on a major ticket; Wendell Willkie, a Democrat-turned-Republican businessman rooted in the heartland who tried to succeed FDR; Adlai Stevenson, a Democratic governor of Illinois, and the grandson of a vice-president; and Barry Goldwater, the grandson of Jewish immigrants who became a Republican senator from Arizona, and was known as the "father" of the modern conservative political movement – all left their mark.  

Major airports, and federally funded museums and libraries may not be named in honor of these candidates, but parks, buildings, fundraisers, and high schools have been dedicated in their memory. 



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