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Welcome to the "Partners in Coping" website, a resource for breast cancer patients and spouses/partners to help them cope with the challenges of breast cancer. Partners in Coping is based on the idea that most people with breast cancer do not cope alone with their illness but manage the disease with a spouse or partner. Stress from the illness that affects one person will likely affect his or her partner. It can be experienced on many levels, including physical, emotional, social, financial, and spiritual.

Communicating With a Partner
About Her Cancer

When dealing with a diagnosis like breast cancer, it is important to have someone with whom you can confide your innermost thoughts and feelings. However, husbands/partners often ask how much should they question their wives/partners about difficult topics such as fears of recurrence or effects of the illness on family members. To read more

This website provides practical information based on research with couples coping with breast cancer that was carried out at two medical centers in Boston: Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and Massachusetts General Hospital. Each month we will focus on a topic relevant to couples' coping. A list of resources such as books, videos, and links to other websites will be provided on each topic. A Question and Answer, or "Q&A" section will include questions sent in to this site by viewers and a response from a licensed clinician. Also, there is a special section of the website for researchers and practitioners that will provide information on recent research and clinical work in the area of couples coping with stress.

I hope that this website will be a valuable resource for you. I would appreciate any suggestions or feedback on the website-they can be sent to me at



Couple-based Interventions for Breast Cancer Patients. This self-guided online training presents a comprehensive approach to helping breast cancer patients and their partners coping with the social, emotional, and relational issues surrounding the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. Learn more.


"Breast Cancer Husband: How to Help Your Wife (and Yourself) during Diagnosis, Treatment and Beyond" by Marc Silver. Read review by Karen Kayser.


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