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The exhibit also incorporates a number of multimedia components, including some short films and a documentary about the history of the Chinese Catholic Church.

Student Short Films

The short films were made by Boston College students and are aimed at providing a visual accompaniment to the works on display. Thus, when visitors to the exhibit are reading about the work of the Jesuit astronomers, or are looking at drawings of the instruments built by these astronomers, it is possible to view a short movie showing the observatory today.

There are 5 short movies - one that shows images of China today, one on the ancient observatory in Beijing, one on the ruins of the western buildings in the Old Summer Palace, one is a discussion about the concept of inculturation, another about the beautiful stained glass in the Shanghai cathedral and the final one showing images of the cemetery where Matteo Ricci and 62 other missionaries were buried.

These movies were made by seniors Alex Gilman, Jason Liao and Garrett Melson, as well as Zachary Citarella, a junior.

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Beyond Ricci: celebrating four hundred years of the Chinese Catholic Church

A fifty-four minute documentary shot by Fr James McDermott, S.J. and narrated, directed and produced by Fr Jeremy Clarke, S.J.