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Accessibility @ Boston College

Accessibility Liaison Initiative

The Accessibility Liaison Initiative (ALI) is a program with the follow goals:

  • Build a more inclusive Boston College
  • Ensure all environments are open and accessible
  • Develop a network of caring, committed individuals across the university dedicated to accessibility related issues
List of Accessibility Liaison Contacts
Department Contact Name Contact extension
A&S Gene McMahon 2-6804
A&S Clare Dunsford 2-2277
Advancement Brenda Ricard 2-0382
Advancement Susan Matys 2-3680
Admissions Stan Zatkowski 2-3100
Admissions Mary French 2-2943
Athletics John Kane 2-8840
Athletics Marcus Blossom 2-8520
Athletics Matt Conway 2-6672
BC Bookstore Bob Stewart 800-978-0978
BC Police Jeff Postell 2-4440
BC Police Karen Vandross 2.4446
Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE) Cristina Mirshekari 2-2773
Connors Learning Center Kathy Duggan 2-8093
CSOM Susan Hynes 2-8790
CSOM Erica Graf 2-0462
CSON Chris Grillo 2-8531
CSON Sean Clarke 2-3232
Dining Services Beth Emery 2-6294
Dining Services Kathryn Sweeney  
Dining Services Beth Burns 2-0954
Emergency Management Eileen O'Donnell 2-2112
Event Management Jason McClellan 2-1208
Facilities Bill Tibbs 2-0329
Facilities Gerry Boyle 2-0310
Facilities Mark Lewis 2-0332
First Year Experience Paul Chiozzi 2-2791
General Counsel Joe Schott 2-8037
Health Promotion Sheila Tucker 2-2955
HR - Employment John Bogdan 2-3081
HR - Office for Institutional Diversity Judy Ferres 2-2947
HR - Office for Institutional Diversity Edilma Hosein 2-2323
IRPA Gina Harvey 2-3026
ITS David Lewis 2-4621
ITS Milvia Sanchez 2-0102
Law School John Stachiniewicz 2-6503
Law School Maris Abbene 2-4348
Law School Sharon Blumenstock 2-2487
Learning Resources for Student Athletes Patrice Bouzan 2-1497
Learning Resources for Student Athletes Dard Miller 2-8669
Library Lyn Goode 2-0160
LSOE - ERC Margaret Cohen 2-4919
LSOE Audrey Friedman 2-1901
LSOE Elizabeth Sparks 2-0698
LSOE Richard Jackson 2-8429
Office of Communications Scott Olivieri 2-8460
Office of Communications Brock Dilworth 2-2026
Office of International Programs Christina Hatzipetros 2-1673
Office of Student Involvement (formerly SPO) Mark Miceli 2-3480
Parking and Transportation Linda Riley 2-3307
Parking and Transportation John Savino 2-1273
President's Office Jeanne Levesque 2-4789
Provost and ATAB Akua Sarr 2-9144
Provost Billy Soo 2-3263
Provost Jessica Pesce 2-4780
RecPlex Caitriona Taylor 2-2959
Residential Life George Arey 2-3202
Residential Life Joe Simonetti 2-4713
Residential Life Greg Jones 2-8809
SSW Theresa Schirmer 2-4762
SSW Sveta Emery 2-9198
Student Affairs Paulette Durrett 2-1395
Student Affairs Thomas Mogan 2-3470
Student Services Louise Lonabocker 2-3318
Student Services Kathy McGuinness 2-4976
STM Jen Bader 2-4478
STM Maura Colleary 2-8443
STM Mary Jo Iozzio 2-6523
University Counseling Services Sarah Piontkowski 2-1377
Woods College Anne Severo 2-8531