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Boston College Experience

Here's what other students had to say!

Students are sitting in a park by the Boston Harbor

This is what students have to say about their participation in The Boston College Experience.

"“BCE provided me with the best summer of my life! The people I met, the service I did and the classes I took all added up to a fantastic experience that I will never forget!”"

"“BCE has helped me discover what I want to pursue in my future studies, but at the same time I was able to make life-lasting friendships. It was an amazing experience.”"

"I found my experiences in the classroom to be highly valuable. I felt that I learned a lot from both of my professors and had the opportunity to meet with them both on multiple occasions during office hours to discuss my work and progress throughout the semester. The workload was a bit heavy as both of my classes were writing- based classes but I was able to learn how to time manage and developed some great work habits."

"I truly enjoyed experiencing these courses. It was helpful to understand what I will go through in the future in college, plus these classes help me feel more knowledgeable."

What would you tell a student who is considering attending BCE?

"“This program was truly amazing…anyone would be lucky to attend next year!”"

"I would like to tell them that BC is an amazing college. I would tell them about my experiences and the service opportunity BC has. I would also tell them that you find a lot of opportunities here that will help you to find the perfect career for you. These opportunities give you the tools to find yourself and do a positive impact in the word."

"This program will definitely impact your life and college search. It's a great program and you'll make great friends and meet great people. College professors are nice and accommodating and always willing to talk. BCE and BC is awesome!"

"I would tell them to definitely do it. It's well worth the money and the experience you get here is indescribable. I made many new friends and I am extremely glad and grateful I had the opportunity to do this program."

"DO IT. It's absolutely been the most helpful experience of my life. I got to experience life as a college student, explore other college options, and most importantly meet some truly amazing people."


Students are in line to visit the Aquarium