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Boston College Experience Program

Information for Parents & Guardians

Important Dates

There are several dates that we believe are important for you and your daughter/son to consider when deciding to be a part of the Boston College Experience for Summer 2015. Students should plan to arrive on June 21, and students can move out on July 31st or August 1. In the event that there is a conflict with any of these dates, please contact us as soon as possible.



All students will be expected to be in the residence hall by 11:00pm Sunday through Thursday and by 12:00am Friday and Saturday night. There will be staff on duty in the residence hall each night that will monitor students to ensure that they return by curfew.

Failure to observe curfew will result in disciplinary action and may result in removal from the program.   



The BC Experience strives to provide your child with an authentic and engaging college experience. In addition to their courses and homework we work to build a sense of community and a commitment to serving others.

During the course of the program there will be several mandatory events in addition to courses. Students will be made aware of all mandatory programming and attendance will be taken. Failure to attend required programming will result in disciplinary action and may result in removal from the Boston College Experience.

There will also be many optional programs for students to socialize and explore Boston and other areas of interest and to participate in college tours and community service projects. We strongly encourage students to participate in as many of these programs as possible so that they can get a true Boston College Experience.