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Boston College Experience

Information for Parents & Guardians

Students tour a local university

Living on a college campus, away from family, is a new experience for many students. It is important that all students in the program understand the conduct expected by Boston College and specifically the policies of the Boston College Experience.

Please take the time to read our Program Policies & Expecations with your student so that everyone in the program can have a safe and enjoyable experience.  Please note that failure to abide by program policies may result in the immediate removal of a student without refund, particularly in matters related to the safety of students including but not limited to the use or presence of alcohol and/or drugs. 

Safety and Supervision

Boston College has a policy on the Protection of Minors, which establishes guidelines and procedures to promote the protection of minors who participate in university programs. All individuals involved with this program must participate in annual training on the Protection of Minors Policy. In addition, all program staff are required to participate in background checks.