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Boston College Experience Program

What Students Last Year Have to Say

quotes from summer 2013 bce students

The following are quotes from our Summer 2013 students about their academic and extra-curricular experiences during their time at BC:

"I got college credit; I worked hard and received good (and fair!) grades. I got to meet people from around the world and the states, and I made many friends who I hopefully will keep."

"It allowed me to have less stress or fear of the unknown around starting college and taking college courses."

"The professor of the class I took was passionate and overwhelmingly knowledgeable about the subjects of the class, while still maintaining a lighthearted and affable character."

"I didn't think I would enjoy doing school work over the summer, but I did."

"Boston College Experience gave me a glimpse of what it would be like to go to a college with a supportive and tight-knit community. Now when I am looking at colleges I will know exactly what I want and what I don't want."

"I thought the class was incredibly interesting and really engaging. We had a lot of meaningful discussion that I have brought to my every day life. I didn't think the workload was very heavy and the exam was very reasonable."

"The activities that helped promote community bonding were, to start off the ice breakers from the first day, but overall just living in a dorm with other people helped promote community bonding because you see these people where ever you go."

"I had an excellent experience in both of my classes! Both of my professors were professional but also deeply involved and interested in their students. The workload was a little bit overwhelming at first, but as the weeks passed I learned how to handle the workload more easily."

"I greatly enjoyed both of my classes; my professors were both amazing teachers, and I felt like I was challenged to a wonderful extent: nothing was too hard, but nothing was too easy. I was able to complete any given task. The workload got a little hefty occasionally, especially with program activities and such, but I was able to manage it all."

"My classroom experience was great! I really liked the class sizes and how knowledgeable the teachers were. The workload was more than my high school, which took some time to adapt to, but it helped me organize my time better to accommodate the work."

"The programs that most promoted community bonding were the "ice breakers" in the opening weeks. These activities were paramount in forming the bonds that all of the students share today. On the same token, the reflections in the chapel at night had an impact on my BCEP experience. Taking five or ten minutes every few nights with a few other students and an R.A. gave me a chance to take a moment to think about the past few days and plan to make necessary changes, which, in the end, made for a better time at BC."

"It was a very memorable experience. I feel I have learned a lot from my friends, teachers, and RA's. Everyone was so nice and we all became really close. I enjoyed learning about everyone and getting to know all different kinds of people. I had a great time."