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Boston College Experience Program


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BCE Summer 2015

Applications for Summer 2015 will be released on December 15, 2014. While the application materials will undergo some changes, the following checklist does give a general overview of the necessary components. Once the application is posted, we will begin accepting applications, reviewing them, and releasing admission decisions.

Should you have any questions before that time, please contact us at or at (617) 552-3800.

Application Checklist

Materials to be submitted by all applicants:
1. A completed and signed copy of the application (you may submit your personal statement in a separate typed document if needed)
2. A $25 application fee – checks payable to Boston College
3. A copy of your high school transcript (a copy of an unofficial transcript issued to the student is acceptable); can be sent by your guidance counselor or principal
4. A completed recommendation from your guidance counselor or principal
5. A completed recommendation from a high school teacher (this must be a math or English teacher if you are applying for Writers in the Making, or Mathematicians in the Making)
6. PSAT, SAT, ACT, or other equivalent test scores
Applicants for Writers in the Making:
1. A writing sample of no more than six pages (this may be fiction, a collection of poems, and/ or creative non-fiction essay)
Materials to be submitted by international students:
1. A completed I-20 form
2. A notarized statement from your bank indicating that $8,000 US dollars is available to the student while attending the Boston College Experience program
3. If English is your second language, please submit your TOEFL score. If you have not taken the TOEFL, please email for further instructions on how to apply


Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, space in the program is limited so you are encouraged to apply as soon as possible.

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Boston College Experience for Summer 2014! Below you will find our application in two formats: Microsoft Word Forms and in a PDF. Microsoft Word Forms will allow you to edit each individual field on you computer, making the application easier for our admissions staff to review. If for some reason you are unable to edit the application in Microsoft Word, there is a downloadable PDF version that can be printed and filled out by hand.

For students interested in applying into 'Writers in the Making' or 'Mathematicians in the Making,' please be aware that the courses you list on your application will change should you be admitted into those concentrations. The BC English and Mathematics department will review applications for these two academic focuses and, once complete, you will be notified of your course schedule. We do ask that you still list two courses on your application in the event that you are admitted to BCE but for some reason are unable to participate in the academic concentration you have listed.

"Writers in the Making" or "Mathamaticians in the Making," require students to submit a second recommendation from a teacher in either the English or Math department at your school. Additionally, "Writers in the Making" does require a writing sample of up to 6 pages of fiction, 4 – 6 poems of up to 6 pages, or a creative nonfiction essay of up to 6 pages.

If you are an international student, be sure to fill out an I-20 Application and submit it along with your application materials. Without an I-20 Application, your BCE application will be considered incomplete.



All students are required to submit one recommendation from a guidance counselor or principal. Those applying for Writers in the Making or Mathematicians in the Making will be required to submit an additional recommendation from a teacher in the English or Math departments at their school.

Below you will find the BCE Recommendation form in the Microsoft Word Forms format and in the PDF format.