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Boston College Experience Program


BCE students have the unique opportunity to enroll in college-level classes as well as live in a residence hall, essentially simulating the experience a first-year college student might have. With classes in numerous disciplines, students choose which courses to take and have the opportunity to earn college credit. Residential students will enroll in two courses during the program and commuter students have the option to enroll in up to two courses but are only required to enroll in one.

The Boston College Experience also presents students with the option to pursue a concentration in writing, Writers in the Making, or mathematics, Mathematicians in the Making. All three of these academic paths are aimed at providing students with an experience similar to that of a college student, offering academic independance and a learning experience unique to Boston College. Students will be able to collaborate with other students in BCE as well as those at the undergraduate level.

All students, regardless of their academic focus, will be able to take part in all offered extra-curricular experiences. Such experiences will include RA-hosted programs, weekly seminars, and all other BCE sponsored events.


All students must complete a BCE application, which will include selecting two courses, acquiring one to two teacher recommendations, and having approval from your parents or guardians.

For students interested in applying into 'Writers in the Making' or 'Mathematicians in the Making,' please be aware that the courses you list on your application will change should you be admitted into those concentrations. The BC English and Mathematics department will review applications for these two academic focuses and, once complete, you will be notified of your course schedule. We do ask that you still list two courses on your application in the event that you are admitted to BCE but for some reason are unable to participate in the academic concentration you have listed.


Students’ formal curriculum is complemented by activities designed to broaden each student’s experience. Academic advising by professors and counselors assists students in their summer study as well as in planning for future study. BCE RAs will also serve as peer advisors in the residence hall and give insight into what life both inside and outside of the classroom is like in the university setting.