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Boston College Experience

BCE Program Policies and Expectations


All students are expected in the residence hall by 10:00pm Sunday through Thursday and by 11:00am Friday and Saturday night and in their dorms by midnight every night. There will be staff on duty in the residence hall each night that will monitor students to ensure that they return by curfew. 

Quiet Hours

Quiet hours in the residence hall are in place so that students have the opportunity to study and to sleep without disruption. On weeknights (Sunday - Thursday) quiet hours will begin at 10:00 pm and on weekend nights (Friday - Saturday) they will begin at 12:00 am. Peer Advisors will work together with the students to ensure that quiet hours are respected, and repeated violations of quiet hours will result in disciplinary action.

Residence Policy

BCE students will live in traditional style housing on same sex floors. Students are not allowed on opposite-sex floors AT ANY TIME. The following items are prohibited from the dormatories:

  • Extension cords without a surge protector, foam mattress toppers (cotton and down feather toppers are allowed), kitchen appliances, halogen lights, octopus lamps (any light having more than three “arms”), and pets are not allowed in the residence hall. Should these items be found, they will be confiscated immediately.
  • Weapons, illicit and illegal substances, and alcohol or drug paraphernalia are strictly prohibited. Possession of these items will result in the contacting of the Boston College Police Department and immediate removal from the program

Guest Policy

Only Boston College Experience residential students are allowed in the residence hall. ParentBCE students are not allowed in any other residence halls. Residence hall bedroom doors must be kept open when a resident is hosting other BCE students. 

Leaving Campus

Students may not leave campus alone under any circumstances. All students leaving campus must sign in and out with the staff on call. They must provide us with their intended destination and expected time of return.  Parents or approved guardians, who want to remove their child from campus for a short period, are asked to inform the staff of their intention at least 24 hours in advance by email at

Leaving Campus Overnight

Students are strongly discouraged from leaving campus overnight for the duration of the program. However, should a student need to leave campus for the night, their parent/guardian must submit the required permission form to the Program Director at least 48 hours prior to departing campus. The parent/guardian must then sign the student out with the Program Director or a Program Coordinator in the Woods College of Advancing Studies & Summer Session, located in St. Mary's Hall South, and present a valid ID. Overnight Permission Forms will be available on the BCE website.

Class Attendance

The BC Experience strives to provide your child with an authentic and engaging college experience. In addition to their courses and homework, we work to build a sense of community and a commitment to serving others.

Commuter Participation

We welcome commuter student participation in the Boston College Experience; however the commuter program fees covers only the tuition cost and orientation. Commuter students are welcome to attend the Thursday afternoon College Seminars, but the weekend and nightly activities are reserved for residential students only. Commuter students are not allowed in the residence halls.

Extracurricular Activities Attendance

During the course of the program, there will be several mandatory events in addition to courses. Students will be made aware of all mandatory programming and attendance will be taken. Failure to attend required programming will result in disciplinary action and may result in removal from the Boston College Experience.

There will also be many optional programs for students to socialize and explore Boston and other areas of interest and to participate in college tours and community service projects. We strongly encourage students to participate in as many of these programs as possible so that they can get a true Boston College Experience.


Residential students are not permitted to have motor vehicles of any kind (cars, motorcycles, etc.) on campus for the duration of the program. Additionally, commuter students cannot transport any other students in their vehicles.

Failure to observe curfew and all other BCE policies will result in disciplinary action and may also result in removal from the program.   

Boston College reserves the right to amend and supplement the rules and regulations governing participation in the Boston College Experience.