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Boston College Experience Program

Program Overview

our purpose

By taking college-level classes, living in community, and engaging in activities meant to expose students to new ideas and places, students will find themselves better prepared and more at ease for their college search in the fall. Below is an overview of the academic and residential experiences, service opportunities, Discover Boston excursions, college visits, and discussions on preparing for college.

All members of the BCE will have the opportunity to experience the offerings of the city of Boston, including college visits and regular excursions into the greater Boston area. By engaging with their fellow students, their resident advisors, faculty, and staff, students will learn what it means to be an independent college student and will have all the resources of a major university at their disposal.

Stokes Lawn
Stokes Lawn

Academic & Residential Experience

The Boston College Experience works to bring high school students an experience similar to that of a first-year college student. Our goal is to provide students with an experience unique to BC. What makes the Boston College Experience a program unlike many other similar summer programs is the intentionality with which we tailor our program to the needs of the students. Our program is rooted in the philosophies of Jesuit Education, with the emphasis of our programs and activities centered around care of the whole person, being a man or woman for others, and discernment. These ideas take form in reflective discussions with their peers and resident advisors, service opportunities, and learning what to look for when considering the college search.

Service Learning

Boston College places a heavy emphasis on being men and women for others, for taking what students learn inside the classroom and applying it to improving their communities, and for reflecting on how they can grow through service to others. There is a culture of volunteerism among BC's undergraduate student population and that is something we try to foster within the BCE student community as well.

This past summer, BCE students volunteered at Community Servings, a not-for-profit food and nutrition program that serves individuals in Massachusetts living with critical and chronic illnesses. This summer, the BCE staff is working to incorporate weekly service opportunities throughout the six week program in order to offer students a truly authentic BC experience. More details will be available as we near the start of the program.

Fenway Park
Fenway Park

Discover Boston

BCE's Discover Boston trips have taken students off Boston College's campus and into the city of Boston as well as the greater Boston Area. Boston's combination of a major metropolitan area, renowned sports franchises, and the ingrained history of the American Revolution is unrivaled and offers students a nearly unlimited number of interesting places to explore.

Past Discover Boston excursions have included Boston Duck Tour's, whale watching, tours of Museum of Science, tours of the nation’s oldest and most famous ball park, Fenway Park, beach trips, visits to the New England Aquarium, Six Flags New England, and more! These outings serve as a way for students to relax on the weekends and become familiar with one of America's most treasured cities.

College Visits

Despite the fact that BCE students will be living on Boston College’s campus throughout the summer, BC is just of many great academic institutions in the greater Boston area. Every week, an official tour of one of the region's other campuses will be organized, allowing students the opportunity to see what other schools Boston has to offer. Past visits included Boston University, Tufts University, Harvard University, Northeastern University, MIT, and more!

The Quad on Middle Campus

Reflections on the College Process

Throughout the six week experience at BC, students will have the opportunity to interact with current undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty in various disciplines. The BCE offers you the unique opportunity to get your questions about college and life beyond answered by current students, faculty, and staff of Boston College.

BCE invites professors and faculty from both BC and other universities to speak to students on a weekly basis, often on a subject that is important to those visiting professionals and one which they are passionate about. BCE students are also invited to student panels on what the college transition is like and to ask questions about their experience with the student community at BC. Faculty panels as assembled to discuss how to create and sustain relationships with professors and useful tips on how to approach choosing a major. These and other events are hosted to encourage students to ask questions they might have and seek answers that will aid them in their college search.