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Boston College Experience

Peer Advisors

BCE staff members from 2015


Peer Advisors (PAs) for BCE are typically current Boston College undergraduate students. They live in in the residence halls with the BCE students to provide support and guidance throughout the program. Each PA is assigned a small group of BCE students to serve as their mentor, sounding board, and conversation partner.

BCE PAs also plan and implement programs that will engage the students and help them to think about what they want out of the program and out of their future college experience. From pancake and movie nights to roundtable discussions on the college application process, our PAs find ways to share their own experiences to help BCE students grow.

Another function of the Peer Advisors is to help ensure that our community is safe. Each night there will be two PAs on-call, which means they will be in the building from 8:00 pm until 7:00 am and will be available to assist students and respond to any emergencies within the residence hall.