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Boston College Experience

Community Expectations

College is a time experiencing of diversity: in background, opinion, belief, and many other areas. With that in mind, BCE students are expected to work together with their peers and the program staff to create a community based on respect for their fellow students, their professors, and the program staff. Students are expected to show tolerance for people from all backgrounds regardless of race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, religion, or other differences. Additionally, students will be expected to arrive on time to their classes and all organized activities throughout the summer.

Program Policies

In addition to the standard University policies, we also require students to abide by the following policies specific to participating in the Boston College Experience:

Curfew:  The curfew for weeknights (Sunday - Thursday) is at 11:00 pm, and the curfew for weekend nights (Friday - Saturday) is at 12:00 am. Students will be required to check in with the on-duty Peer Advisors every night to sign in. Missing curfew will result in notification of the student’s parent/guardian, disciplinary action and, if repeated, may result in removal from the program

Quiet Hours: Quiet hours in the residence hall are in place so that students have the opportunity to study and to sleep without disruption. On weeknights (Sunday - Thursday) quiet hours will begin at 10:00 pm and on weekend nights (Friday - Saturday) they will begin at 12:00 am. Peer Advisors will work together with the students to ensure that quiet hours are respected, and repeated violations of quiet hours will result in disciplinary action

Guest policies: Only Boston College Experience students are allowed in the residence hall. Residence hall bedroom doors must be kept open when a resident is hosting other BCE students.

Leaving Campus:  Students are allowed to leave campus during their free time but must be accompanied by at least one other student, must return to campus by curfew, and must receive written approval from a Program Coordinator.

Leaving Campus Overnight:  Students are strongly discouraged from leaving campus overnight for the duration of the program. However, should a student need to leave campus for the night, their parent/guardian must submit the required permission form to the Program Director at least 48 hours prior to departing campus. The parent/guardian must then sign the student out with the Program Director or a Program Coordinator in the Woods College of Advancing Studies & Summer Session, located in St. Mary's Hall South, and present a valid ID. Overnight Permission Forms will be available on the BCE website.

Vehicles:  Residential students are not permitted to have motor vehicles of any kind (cars, motorcycles, etc.) on campus for the duration of the program. Additionally, commuter students cannot transport any other students in their vehicles.

Participation in Program Activities: Over the course of the program, there will be regular organized activities that are intended to expand upon the students’ classroom and residential experiences to assist in creating and sustaining a cohesive community. Students are expected to take part in these programs as they are essential for students to obtain the full value of the BCE program, and will also give participants the opportunity to share in unique experiences with their peers.

The following activities are considered mandatory: College Preparation Seminars (Thursday afternoons), College Visits (Friday afternoons), Off-Campus Trips (Saturday afternoons), and Weekly Reflections (Sunday evenings). Additional activities include nightly Peer Advisor programs, which will take place in the residence hall and will serve as a study break and form of community bonding, and any afternoon programs that may be organized during the program.

Commuter Student Participation: Commuter students are required to attend all mandatory programs unless excused by the Program Director, and are invited to participate in all non-mandatory programs. We expect all BCE students to participate in the programs and activities hosted throughout the summer so as to build an inclusive and cohesive community.

Boston College reserves the right to amend and supplement the rules and regulations governing participation in the College Experience.