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School of Theology and Ministry

Syllabi and Reading Lists

stm summer institute

(P) PREREQUISITE: Background reading prior to beginning of course
(R) REQUIRED: Necessary texts for the course period
(HR) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Related or supplement readings


Reading List for All Courses PDF

TMCE7030001 Katie Cannon: Faith and Justice in Freedom Narratives
Course Syllabus
(R) The Price of a Child, Lorene, Knopf/Vintage, 1996
(R) Unchained Memories, Gates, Crew and Goodman, Bullfinch, 2003
(R) Salve Religion, Raboteau, Oxford, 1980
(R) The Infamous Rosalie, Touillot, Univ. of Nebraska, 1980
(PR) Beloved, Morrison, Vintage, 2004
(PR) Ebony & Ivy, Wilder, Bloomsbury Press, 2014
(HR) The Half Has Never Been Told, Baptist, Basic Books, 2014
(HR) Remembering Slavery, Berlin, Favreau and Miller, New Press, 2000

TMPS713901 Nancy Pineda-Madrid: Theology of Faith for the Life of the World
There are no texts required for this course.

TMPS709301 Philip Browning-Helsel: Intro to Pastoral Care
Course Syllabus

TMPS 7060 Thomas Groome: Sharing Faith
(R) Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire, Bloomsbury Academic, 2000
(R) Sharing Faith, Groome, Wipf & Stock, 1999
(R) Will There Be Faith?, Groome, HarperOne, 2011
(R) Horizons and Hopes, Groome, Paulist Press, 2003
(R) Whole Community Catechesis in Plain English, Huebsch, TwentyThird Publications, 2002

TMPS714001 Richard Gaillardetz: Marriage and Family
Course Syllabus
(R) Leaving and Coming Home, Cloutier, Cascade Books, 2010
(R) The Gospel of the Family, Kasper, Paulist Press, 2014
(R) A Christian Theology of Marriage and Family, Hanlon Rubio, Paulist Press, 2003

TMST702001 Fr. Richard Lennan: Ecclesiology for Our Time

TMPS709001 Hosffman Ospino: Ministry in a Diverse Church
Course Syllabus

TMNT702301 Thomas Stegman: Intro to the New Testament
Course Syllabus
(R) The Catholic Study Bible (2nd Ed), Senior and Collins, Oxford, 2011
(R) The New Testament: A Very Short Introduction, Johnson, Oxford, 2010
(HR) Opening the Door of Faith, Stegman, Paulist Press, 2015

TMPS805001 Colleen Griffith: Post Master’s Cert. in Spiritual Formation

TMPS714101 Mary Hess: Spirituality in a Digital Age
Course Syllabus
(R) One Hope, Aageson, Borelli, Klassen, et. al., Augsburg Fortress Publishers, 2005
(R) Mighty Stories, Dangerous Rituals, Anderson and Foley, Jossey-Bass, 2001
(R) Reality is Broken, McGonigal, Penguin, 2011
(HR) Click 2 Save, Drescher and Anderson, Morehouse, 2012
(HR) The Distraction Addiction, Pang, Little, Brown and Company, 2013
(HR) Connected Toward Communion, Zsupan-Jerome, Michael Glazier, 2014

TMPS714201 Elizabeth Drescher: Spirituality, New Media, and the Unaffiliated
(PR) The Digital Cathedral, Anderson, Morehouse, 2015
(PR) Sacred Stories, Spiritual Tribe, Ammerman, Oxford, 2013
(PR) Tweet if Your Heart Jesus, Drescher, Morehouse, 2011

TMST705801 John Baldovin: Sacraments
Course Syllabus
(R) Sacramental Theology, Vorgrimler, Liturgical Press, 1995
(PR) Celebrating Divine Mystery, Vincie, Michael Glazier, 2009

TMCE700401 Fr. Kenneth Himes: The Moral Dimension of the Christian Life

TMPS714301 Theresa O'Keefe: Conference: Mapping Campus Ministry

TMRE707301 Jane Regan: Adult Believers in a Post Modern Context
Course Syllabus

TMST702401 Barbara Radtke: Jesus: "Who Do You Say That I Am?"
Course Syllabus