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School of Theology and Ministry

Syllabi and Reading Lists

stm summer institute

(P) PREREQUISITE: Background reading prior to beginning of course
(R) REQUIRED: Necessary texts for the course period
(HR) HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Related or supplement readings


TMST 2004 Maria Kakavas: Introduction to Latin
(R) A Primer of Ecclesiastical Latin, Collins, The Catholic University of America Press
(R) Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin, Stelton, Hendrickson
(HR) English Grammar for Students of Latin, Goldman & Szymanski, OIivia and Hill

TMST 5380 Theresa O'Keefe Directed Research in Pastoral Ministry
(R) Shared Wisdom, Troxell, Abingdon
(R) Making Faith Sense, Kinast, Liturgical Press

TMST 7057 Richard Gaillardetz: Foundations for Ministry: Intro
Course Syllabus
(R) An Introduction to Theology in Global Perspective, Bevans, Orbis
[I recommend reading pages 207-324 in advance of the course].
(HR) By What Authority? A Primer on Scripture, Magisterium and the Sense of the Faithful, Gaillardetz, Liturgical Press

TMPS 7093 Philip Browning-Helsel Intro to Pastoral Care
Course Syllabus
(R) Cultivating Wholeness, Kornfeld, Continuum
(R) Becoming a Healthier Pastor, Richardson, Fortress Press
(R) Just Ministry, Gula, Paulist Press
(R) Discovering a Sermon, Dykstra, Chalice Press
(R) Injustice and the Care of Souls, Kujawa-Holbrook & Montagno, Fortress

TMST 7074 Eileen Burke-Sullivan God In All Things: Intro to Ignatian Spirituality
Course Syllabus
Course Schedule
(R) The Call to Discernment in Troubled Times, Brackley, Crossroad Publishing
(R) Ignatius of Loyola: The Spiritual Exercises and Selected Works, Ganss, Paulist Press
(R) The Ignatian Tradition, Burke-Sullivan & Burke, Liturgical Press
(HR) A recent Catholic Bible or a Protestant Bible with the Deutero-Canonical books and with scholarly footnotes.
**Additional readings found on Canvas

TMPS 7060 Thomas Groome Sharing Faith
(R) Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Freire
(R) Sharing Faith, Groome
(R) Christian Religious Education, Groome
(R) Will There Be Faith?, Groome
(R) Horizons and Hopes, Groome
(R) Whole Community Catechesis in Plain English, Huebsch

TMPS 7080 Barbara Quinn Spiritual Formation for Ministry
Course Syllabus
(R) Let Your Life Speak, Palmer

** Required readings are found on e-reserve (readings may be accessed through “My Course Reserves” at

TMOT 7067 Richard Clifford, S.J. Intro to OT
Course Syllabus
(R) The Catholic Study Bible, Oxford University Press
(R) The Wisdom Literature, Clifford, Abingdon Press
**Additional readings found on Canvas

TMST 7020 Fr. Michael Himes The Church in the World
*“All required readings are found on e-reserve (readings may be accessed through “My Course Reserves” at

TMRE 7000 Jane Regan Contemporary Approaches to Religious Education
(R) General Directory for Catechesis, USCCB, USCCB
(R) What Are They Saying About Theological Reflection, Kinast, Paulist

TMPS 7122 Timothy Matovina Theology in Context: Faith and Culture in American Catholicism
Course Syllabus
(PR) Models of Contextual Theology, Bevans, Orbis
(R) Galilean Context: The Mexican-American Promise, Elizondo, Maryknoll
(R) ¡Presente! U.S. Latino Catholics from Colonial Origins to the Present Matovina & Poyo, eds. Orbis
(R) Suffering and Salvation in Ciudad Juarez, Pineda-Madrid, Fortress
(HR) Enfleshing Freedom: Body, Race, and Being, Copeland, Fortress
(HR) Caminemos con Jesús: Toward a Hispanic/Latino Theology of Accompaniment, Goizueta, Orbis

TMPS 8049 Colleen Griffith Post Master’s Cert. in Spiritual Formation
Course Syllabus
(R) Candlelight: Illuminating the Art of Spiritual Direction.  Phillips.  Morehouse Publishing.

TMPS 7125 Brita Gill-Austern Trauma and Healing
Course Syllabus
(PR) Walking the Tiger: Healing Trauma, Levine, Atlantic Books
(PR) Spirit and Trauma: A Theology of Remaining, Rambo, Westminster John Knox
(R) The Little Book of Trauma: When Violence Strikes and Community Security is Threatened, Yoder, Good Books
(HR) Trauma and Recovery, Herman, Basic Books

TMPS 7135 Ron Rolheiser, O.M.I. Fear, Sex and Faith: The Struggle for Fullness of Life in Christ
Course Syllabus

(HR) Sex God, Exploring the Endless Connection Between Sexuality and Spirituality, Bell, Zondervan Books
(HR) Exiled to Eden: The Christian Experience of Sex, Callahan, Sheed and Ward (out of print)
(HR) Only the Heart Knows How to Find Them: Precious Memories for a Faithless Time, De Vinck, Penguin
(HR) The End of Sex, How Hookup Culture is Leaving a Generation Unhappy, Sexually Unfulfilled, and Confused About Intimacy, Freitas, Basic Books
(HR) Come Be My Light – The Private Writings of the Saint of Calcutta, Kolodiejchuk, Mother Theresa, Doubleday
(HR) The Soul of Sex, Moore, Audio Discs, HarperCollins
(HR) When I was a Child I Read Books, Robinson; Farrar, Straus, and Giroux

TMPS 7127 Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. Abundant Life in Christ
Course Syllabus
(R) What is the point of being a Christian?, Radcliffe, London and New York

TMCE 7004 Fr. Bryan Massingale The Moral Dimension of the Christian Life
Course Syllabus
(R) What Are They Saying about Scripture and Ethics? (Revised and Expanded Edition)           Spohn, Paulist Press
(R) A History of Catholic Moral Theology in the 20th Century: From Confessing Sins to Liberating Consciences, Keenan, Continuum
(R) Character, Choices, and Community: The Three Faces of Christian Ethics, Connors, Paulist Press (read as much of this book before the class begins)
(HR) Conscience, Curran,  Paulist Press (out of print)
**Additional readings found on Canvas

TMST 7024 M. Shawn Copeland Christology for Today
Course Syllabus
(PR) Christ is the Question, Meeks, Westminster John Knox Press
(R) Christology: A Biblical, Historical, and Systematic Study of Jesus, O’Collins, Oxford University Press
(R) Jesus of Galilee: Contextual Christology for the 21st Century, Lassalle-Klein, Orbis Books
(R) Bible (any authorized version, but no paraphrases and preferably, the New Oxford Annotated Bible with the Apocrypha, New Revised Standard Version (NRSV). If you have questions about the Bible that you have, please check with me on the first day of classes.)
(R) Catechism of the Catholic Church accessible at

TMST 7048 Gustavo Gutiérrez, O.P. Spirituality of Liberation
James Nickoloff

(PR) A Theology of Liberation: History, Politics and Salvation, Gutierrez, Orbis
(PR) We Drink from Our Own Wells: The Spiritual Journey of a People, Gutierrez, Orbis
(If the student is Spanish-speaking, it would be advisable to read the above books in Spanish, if possible).
(PR) Deep Rivers, Arguedas, University of Texas Press
(R) Gustavo Gutierrez: Essential Writings, Nickoloff (Ed.), Orbis
** Additional Readings found on e-Reserve

TMHC 7123 Massimo Faggioli Vatican II: History and Theology
Course Syllabus
(R) Vatican II: the Battle for Meaning, Faggioli, Paulist
(R) What Happened at Vatican II, O’Malley, Belknap
(R) Vatican Council II: Constitutions, Decrees, Declarations* Flannery (Ed.), Costello
(HR) Keys to the Council: Unlocking the Teaching of Vatican II, Clifford & Gaillardetz, Liturgical Press
* This book is currently out of print; however, students can try to buy it, or to have available during the course another edition of the documents of Vatican II OR a device to read the documents of Vatican II on the Vatican website
** Additional Readings found on e-Reserve

TMST 7058 Barbara Radtke Sacraments in Catholic Life
Course Syllabus
(R) Extravagent Affections, Ross, Continuum
(R) Sacramental Theology, Vorgrimler (trans. Mahoney), Liturgical Press

*Readings found on Canvas will be accessible when you register. E-reserve readings may be accessed through “My Course Reserves” at
(Please login with your BC credentials).

TMHC 7129 Robert A. Maryks Saints or Devils Incarnate? The Jesuits and the Making of Modernity 1540-1773
(R) Trent and All That. O’Malley
(R) On giving the Spiritual exercises: the early Jesuit manuscript directories and the Official directory of 1599, Institute of Jesuit Studies
(R) The Ratio Studiorum: The Official Plan for Jesuit Education, Pavur (ed. and trans.)           The Institute of Jesuit Sources
(HR) Remembering Inigo: The "Memoriale": Glimpses of the Life of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Alexander, Gracewing
(HR) Saint Cicero and the Jesuits: The Influence of the Liberal Arts on the Adoption of Moral Probabilism. Maryks, Ashgate
(HR) The Jesuit Order As a Synagogue of Jews: Jesuits of Jewish Ancestry and Purity-of-Blood Laws in the Early Society of Jesus. Maryks, Brill
(HR) Saints or Devils Incarnate?: Studies in Jesuit History, Maryks, Brill

TMST 7790 Casey Beaumier Spiritual Direction and the Spiritual Exercises
(R) The Discernment of Spirits:  An Ignatian Guide for Everyday Living, Gallagher
(R) Stretched for Greater Glory:  What to Expect from the Spiritual Exercises, Aschenbrenner
(R) Spiritual Direction and the Encounter with God:  A Theological Inquiry, Barry
(R) Praying the Truth: Deepening Your Friendship with God through Honest Prayer, Barry
(R) The Christian Ministry of Spiritual Direction:  The Best of the Review—3 from Review for Religious, Fleming

“All physical course reserves will be located at the O’Neill Library this Summer.”