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School of Theology and Ministry

Why graduate study at the STM?

Vanesa Zuleta

Vanesa Zuleta

degree program: m.a.

Hometown: North Providence, Rhode Island
Most recent position: Year of Service: Capuchin Youth and Family Ministry, Garrison, New York

“I discovered a passion for youth ministry when I was 16. That led to me studying theology in college, and last year I served as a full-time youth minister in New York. As I was praying about what my next step would be, BC came on my radar. Their dedication to seeing Christ in others, and the emphasis they place on forming good ministers for the Church, caught my attention. I find myself engaging in conversations in class that are related not only to my readings, but also to my experience from my time in ministry. The M.A. program has helped cultivate my pastoral praxis, challenging me to grow as a minister in ways I never have before.”

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