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School of Theology and Ministry

Why graduate study at the STM?

Russ Goliger

Russ Goliger

degree program: m.div.

Hometown: Marlborough, Massachusetts
Most recent position: Biopharmaceutical course developer

“I’ve been discerning a call to ministry for about 20 years, and when I got laid off back in February, I decided this was my path. I looked at seminaries around the area and along the East Coast, and I really had a sense that this was the place. My church, my denomination, is United Church of Christ, but my family is also Catholic. So I wanted to understand the Catholic doctrine and where we differ more clearly, so that maybe we can work together and come together. I’m absolutely impressed with the Jesuit approach. The skill of the teachers here is phenomenal. It’s been a real joy to hop in.”

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