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School of Theology and Ministry

Why graduate study at the STM?

Lizzie Sextro

Lizzie Sextro

degree program: m.t.s.

Hometown: St. Louis, Missouri
Most recent position: Undergraduate, Loyola University Chicago

"My hunger for learning is what fueled my desire to continue my studies. It was important for me to keep in mind that it was okay to feel scared of my next steps, but that the looming feeling of unworthiness wasn’t coming from God. God was only ever desiring my thriving. Once I began my studies at the STM, I found that I was supported my a community who also desired my thriving. Thursday mass and Gaudete are both places where I especially feel safe and at home, but the classroom is really the place where I can allow my passion for learning and theology burst forth. The STM quickly became both a place that challenges me to grow and a place where I experience a sense of 'at-home-ness.'"


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