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Formación Continua STM

Boston College Escuela de Teología y Ministerio


Continuing Education in Spanish

Spanish courses offered by the School of Theology and Ministry (STM) at Boston College are intended for the continuous formation of all people who want to deepen their human, spiritual and theological growth from a Christian perspective. This will allow them to know themselves as better human beings, living their lives in humane relationship to others in society.

Following the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, this series of courses in Spanish are designed to contribute to the understanding that "human beings are defined first by their responsibility to their brothers and sisters, and to history" (Gaudium et Spes 55), in order to promote "the diverse manner of using things, of laboring, of expressing oneself, of practicing religion, of forming customs, of establishing laws and juridical institutions, of cultivating the sciences, that arts and beauty" (Gaudium et Spes 53).

Therefore, these programs are interdisciplinary and intercultural, seeking mutual enrichment and common good.

 These courses will be offered under a dual mode. They can be made in person, on campus at Boston College; or virtually, via the online platform of the University. Both modes offer short non-credit courses. They do not lead towards an academic degree, but continuing education certificates are available after fulfilling the requirements requested for each course.

 The on-campus programs require people to attend classes that are mainly designed for Spanish-speaking people and communities located in the Boston area and its surroundings. The online courses are open to anyone living in the United States or any other country where participants can easily access the Internet. The courses offered under our virtual platform are sponsored by other Jesuit institutions and ecclesial communities of the Church in Latin America and Spain, enforcing the mission of the School of Theology and Ministry at Boston College, which is to build bridges between peoples and cultures, in continuity with the teachings of Pope Francis.


Past programs:


Aspectos Teológicos Y Sociales Del Pontificado De Francisco

Días: 17 de Octubre - 27 de Noviembre
Profesor: Dr. Rafael Luciani
Inscripción gratuita para América Latina

Dr. Félix Palazzi

Espiritualidad cristiana para el Siglo XXI

Día: Martes 06-14-16
Ubicación: School of Theology and Ministry
Profesor: Dr. Félix Palazzi