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Past Events by Speaker

school of theology and ministry

Peter Machinist

Peter Machinist - March 14, 2012

The Problem of Myth In the Hebrew Bible
This lecture discusses myth as a word and a set of concepts which can lead to a deep and varied understanding of the Hebrew Bible.

Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony

Cardinal Roger Michael Mahony - March 29, 2011

Looking Back and Forward: The Bishop's Ministry of Oversight
Cardinal Mahony reflects on his time as Archbishop of Los Angeles and the role of a Bishop in the Catholic Church.

Senator Edward J. Markey

Senator Edward J. Markey - September 28, 2015

Leading the Way: The Economic, Technological, and Moral Imperative for U.S. Climate Action
This address is part of the Our Common Home: An Ethical Summons to Tackle Climate Change Conference, exploring the implications of Pope Francis’s encyclical on the environment and climate change, “Laudato Si' (Praised Be): On Care for our Common Home.”

James Martin, S.J.

James Martin, S.J. - March 4, 2011

The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything
Based around his book by this title, this presentation translates the insights of St. Ignatius of Loyola for a modern audience, revealing how we can find God and how God can find us in the real world.

James Martin, S.J.

James Martin, S.J. - July 14, 2012

Laughing With the Saints: Joy, Humor, and the Spiritual Life
The author of the book, Between Heaven and Mirth, speaks on how joy and laughter are important components of the life of faith.

James Martin, S.J.

James Martin, S.J. - September 25, 2014

Jesus: A Pilgrimage
Based on the book by the same title, this presentation offers insights into how to reconcile the "historical Jesus," the real-life man who walked the earth in first-century Palestine, with the "Christ of faith," the one risen from the dead.

Mark Massa, S.J.

Mark Massa, S.J. - February 12, 2009

A More Evangelical Catholicism?
“A more evangelical Catholicism” is a call to balance Catholicism’s sacramental and dogmatic traditions with a more affective, democratic set of values.

Mark Massa, S.J.

Mark Massa, S.J. - November 3, 2010

Historical Consciousness and the American Church in the 1960s
This presentation focuses on how the changes brought about by the Second Vatican Council introduced the insight that everything changes – including things in the Church.

Thomas Massaro, S.J.

Thomas Massaro, S.J. - March 9, 2017

Deepening Catholic Citizenship Today: Drawing from Scripture and Tradition
Catholics today may draw from the Church’s tradition of reflection on public affairs in ways that honor Catholic moral teachings.

Thomas Massaro, S.J.

Thomas Massaro, S.J. - February 17, 2010

Living a Christian Life in an Age of Distraction
Fr. Massaro reflects on whether our faith is strengthened or threatened by what he terms this “age of distraction."

Thomas Massaro, S.J.

Thomas Massaro, S.J. - March 16, 2010

The Church's Mission to Social Justice Today
This presentation describes the major contemporary understandings of faith-based social justice.

Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews - November 8, 2008

Who are you, Lord? Encountering Christ in the Gospels
In the many Gospel encounters, Jesus became identified and known in different ways. Four panelists discuss each Evangelist’s view of Jesus, and implications for discipleship.

Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews - March 20, 2013

Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures
In launching their new book (Paulist Press, 2013), Daniel Harrington and Christopher Matthews discuss contemporary scholarship on Jesus as we know him through the Scriptures. 


Christopher Matthews

Christopher Matthews - November 14, 2013

Hope: Promise, Possibility, and Fulfillment
At this book launch, several STM authors present the possibility that Christian hope offers and the capacity of hope to respond to the challenges that life presents to us all.

Jane McAuliffe

Jane McAuliffe - September 26, 2013

Coworkers in the Vineyard: The Role of Catholic Laity in the Life of Public Service and Scholarship
This address is from the 2013 Vatican II Symposium celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatican Council and Boston College’s sesquicentennial.

Rev. Sean McCarthy - April 20, 2013

Rediscovering Liturgy as Our Primary Source of Evangelization
This workshop from the 2013 conference on the New Evangelization examined practical ways to tap into our sacramental celebrations, their preparation, and follow-up so that the faithful are drawn more intimately into the life of the Church.

H. John McDargh

H. John McDargh - October 29, 2010

Theological Reflections
This presentation was given as part of the conference "'You Visited Me': The Urgent Challenges of Prison Ministry.  

H. John McDargh

H. John McDargh - April 2, 2011

Focusing: Listening to Your Own Deep Knowing
Part of the conference, "Healing God's People," this workshop introduces the process of focusing to help persons to listen to their own embodied “felt sense” of a situation, relationship, or unfolding decision.

Most Rev. Robert W. McElroy

Most Rev. Robert W. McElroy - March 18, 2013

The Challenge of Catholic Teaching on War and Peace in the Present Moment
Catholic teaching on war and peace embodies the effort to bring faith and ethical reflection to bear upon the most searing questions that lead nations into violent conflict: Is war ever justified?

Br. Mickey McGrath's painting of Veronica and Jesus

Michael O’Neill McGrath, O.S.F.S. - March 28, 2014

Journey with the Saints of Lent

Brother Mickey's paintings and stories makes the saints and Gospel stories of Lent come alive.  In addition to Saints Joseph and Patrick, this presentation takes a fresh look at Mary Magdalene, the Woman at the Well, and other Gospel figures we know and love—as well as contemporary holy women and men.

Ronald Mercier, S.J.

Ronald Mercier, S.J. - March 26, 2009

Discernment and Life Choices
This presentation draws on the great spiritual tradition of St. Ignatius of Loyola in helping us to make decisions in our 21st century lives.

Mark Mogilka

Mark Mogilka - November 8, 2013

Leadership in a Multi-Parish Setting
This Ministry Day offers practical insight for pastors, parish staff, key parish leaders, and others who are currently ministering or preparing to minister in collaborative, consolidated, or multi-parish settings.

Rev. Msgr. James A. Mongelluzzo

Rev. Msgr. James A. Mongelluzzo - March 7, 14, 21, and 28

Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults: Theology and Practice
This seminar series addresses the rites, catechetical focus, ministries, and historical development of the RCIA process.

Catherine M. Mooney

Catherine M. Mooney - February 16, 2011

Hope for Today From Saints Catherine, Teresa, and Thérèse
This lecture explores the ways in which three women Doctors of the Church give us reason to hope for the Church and world.

Catherine M. Mooney

Catherine M. Mooney - October 11, 2017

Claire of Assisi: From Historical Figure to Saintly Model
In this presentation Mooney shares her current research on how Clare, after her death, was transformed into a Saint whose image was manipulated to reflect the varying agendas of popes, friars, artists, and others.

Duncan Morrow

James W. Morris - April 19, 2017

“God is Beautiful, and He Loves Beauty”: Foundations of Practical Spirituality in Islam
Drawing on illustrations from Islamic music, painting, and architecture, one can appreciate the shared religious framework underlying the diverse expressions of the Islamic world.

Duncan Morrow

Duncan Morrow - May 25, 2016

Principle and Practice: René Girard, Politics, Religion, and Violence
This discussion explores the thought of René Girard and its explanatory power with regard to modern novels, ancient myths, religious raditions, and our daily lives.