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Past Events by Speaker


James Alison

Rev. James Alison - May 25, 2016

Principle and Practice: René Girard, Politics, Religion, and Violence
This discussion explores the thought of René Girard and its explanatory power with regard to modern novels, ancient myths, religious raditions, and our daily lives. 

Nancy T. Ammerman

Nancy T. Ammerman  - April 24, 2015

Parishes in Transition: Learning to Live in Tabernacles
This lecture explores the ongoing reality of change and the challenges posed by the peculiarly American ways of encouraging people to find the “church of their choice.”

Nancy T. Ammerman

Nancy T. Ammerman  - February 25, 2016

Who are the "Nones"?
This presentation examines the demographic, political, and cultural trends that have expanded the ranks of the unaffiliated, and asks what local communities of faith can do in response.

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson - March 25, 2010

Charity to the Poor Considered Theologically
This lecture traces the origins of the biblical practice of charity towards the poor and its groundbreaking ramifications for the development of Jewish and Christian piety and practice.

Gary Anderson

Gary Anderson - December 5, 2013

I Give, Therefore I Am: The Primacy of Charity in the Christian Life
This presentation examines the incarnation as the physical representation of Christian Charity found in Christ’s sacramental presence among the poor.

John L. Allen, Jr.

John L. Allen, Jr. - October 30, 2013

The Francis Papacy: Reform, Renewal, and Resistance
A presentation of observations and insider stories of the emerging papacy of Francis and how this humble pastor is renewing the Catholic Church of the 21st century.

Mary Christine Athans, B.V.M.

Mary Christine Athans, B.V.M. - February 25, 2014

In Quest of the Jewish Mary
After reflecting on Mary over the centuries in historical, theological, and devotional perspective, this presentation will explore what might have been her experiences as a Jewish woman, including her prayer life.