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Afiche Encuentro 01 (Tabloide) Español

Present and Future of an Ibero-American Theology in Times of Globalization, Interculturality, and Exclusion

Panelists: Juan Carlos Scannone, S.J., Roberto Tomichá OFM Conv, Olga Consuelo Velez

Moderator: Thomas H. Groome

 This panel discussion illuminates the current status of Latin American liberation theology and speculates on how this theology will develop into the future.


Eucharist: Medicine of Immortality

Presenter: John F. Baldovin, S.J.

Explore the Eucharist as the source and energy of our true life in Christ; as medicine for the “field hospital” which is the Church.

Gaillardetz, Color Photo 2015

The Francis Pontificate: Historical Anomaly or the Beginning of a Postmodern Papacy?

Presenter: Richard Gaillardetz

With the pontificate of our first Jesuit and South American pope, are we seeing the beginning of a new ecclesial trajectory for the ministry of the Bishop of Rome?

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