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Featured Events

Mark Mogilka

The Message of Mercy
and Its Importance Today

Presenter:  Walter Cardinal Kasper

In this lecture, Cardinal Kasper speaks on the topic of his newly translated book Mercy: The Essence of the Gospel and the Key to Christian Life.

John L. Allen, Jr.

The Transformative Power of Faith: Responding to Pope Francis’s Call

Moderator: Dean Mark Massa, S.J.
Panelists: Mary Susanne Dziedzic, C.S.S.F., José Lopez, Digna R. López, and
John Hatcher, S.J.

This event spotlights the experience of U.S. Catholics who serve in the country's most under-resourced dioceses and foster Catholic communities that build faith, inspire hope, and ignite change.

Shelly Rambo

Living in the “New Normal”:
Refiguring Resurrection in the Aftermath of Trauma

Presenter: Shelly Rambo
This session reaches deeply into the resources of the Christian tradition to explore the power of faith amidst the ongoing realities of trauma.

Mary Christine Athans, B.V.M.

The Gospel of John and the "Parting of the Ways"
Presenter: Adele Reinhartz

This lecture examines the ways in which the Fourth Gospel has been used in the debate about when and how the Jesus movement became a separate and distinct set of institutions, communities, beliefs, and practices.

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