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Touchstones for Preaching

Special Touchstones: Weddings

Fr. Paul Turner begins his presentation on wedding homilies by sharing some points on the theology of marriage (00:09) This is followed by a discussion of the preparation for the homily (07:12) itself.  In this section, he identifies the questions he uses as conversation starters with each individual and with the couple together. (See summary slides at 09:50 and 11:19.) He continues with a discussion of the choices of Scripture readings (14:32) on which the homily can be based. He ends this segment with a consideration of other potential homiletic materials (34:11).  In the segment on “associated questions,” he addresses the decision to marry in today’s society (35:15), the societal expectation of giving the bride away (40:38), couples who don’t communicate with their minister, (48:28) living together before marriage (50:41), and weddings without a Mass (53:21).

Presented June 1, 2009 | References | Transcript


Questions for Reflection

  • What questions are helpful to you in thinking about engaging the couple in a conversation before the wedding?
  • What interactions with the couple can help you plan the homily?
  • What theological theme about marriage is most challenging in today’s world? Why?