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Touchstones for Preaching

Touchstone 3: Preparing the Homily

A homiletics professor observed that while preaching is one of the most public of ministerial functions, homily preparation remains one of the most isolated of functions. How can a preacher break from the cycle of isolation? How can a preacher incorporate the spiritual wisdom of others into one's homily preparation process? In their 1982 document, "Fulfilled in Your Hearing," the United States Catholic Bishops suggest a collaborative process of homily preparation. The following presentation is step by step outline of the process. Please note that a weekly preparation process is included in touchstone six.

Presented on June 20, 2011 | References | Transcript

Questions for Reflection

  • What advantages do you feel the collaborative homily preparation process can contribute to your preaching?
  • Would you envision establishing a homily preparation group to support your preaching?