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Touchstones for Preaching

Touchstone 6: Preaching as Vocation

One homiletics teacher suggests that the preacher's life consists of three interrelated activities: time preparing for the pulpit, time in the pulpit and time witnessing to what was said in the pulpit. In other words, the preacher's entire life is immersed in an on-going relationship with the Word of God. This three-part presentation develops some of the dynamics of that relationship. "The Weekly Process" (03:19) structures a homily preparation process within the framework of a full week. "Tips from the Trenches" (06:36) provides insights for integrating daily life and preaching. "Receiving Feedback from Listeners" (17:50) suggests how a preacher can develop one's preaching skills by consulting the congregation.

Presented June 20 and July 7, 2011. | Transcript

Questions for Reflection

  • What insights stand out for you in "Tips from the Trenches?"
  • What benefits do you see for your preaching in "The Weekly Process?"
  • How does the practice of soliciting feedback on your homilies from parishioners strike you? Is it a practice you would consider?