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The Birth of Jesus: Two Gospel Narratives


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The structure of Matthew’s infancy narrative can be outlined in these four sections:

  1. A Genealogy of Jesus in 3 groups of 14 generations (1:1-17)
  2. The annunciation to Joseph in an angelic dream message that Jesus was conceived through the Holy Spirit (1:18-25)
  3. The homage of the magi to the newborn “king of the Jews” (2:1-12)
  4. The escape from Herod the Great and resettlement in Nazareth (2:13-23)

Included in Matthew’s narrative are five “fulfillment passages” (1:22-23; 2:5-6; 2:15; 2:17-18; 2:23), which establish that Jesus is rooted in Israel’s story.