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Encountering Jesus


Painting of a beardless Jesus healing the bleeding woman from the Catacombs of Marcellinus and Peter in Rome, red pigment on white plaster

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In this course, access some of the best modern scholarship on encountering Jesus in the Scriptures. This course, based on the C21 Resources issue edited by the late Rev. Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., and Dr. Christopher R. Matthews, looks at Jesus's birth, ministry, death, and resurrection as recorded in the Gospels.  It also introduces contemplative approaches to reading Scripture for a deeper encounter with Jesus.  Join the conversation to learn not only who Jesus was in his 1st century Jewish context, but also what he might mean for us in the 21st century world.


Introductory Week

Week 1:  Encountering Jesus in His Birth and Ministry
Spiritual Practice: Lectio Divina

Week 2:  Encountering Jesus in His Death and Resurrection
Spiritual Practice: Contemplation of the Gospels

Special Features
This course includes:

  • Reading 24 pages of material by 12 different authors;
  • Weekly questions for reflection and discussion;
  • A weekly introduction and study guide; and
  • A Resources page to use for further study.

All Crossroads courses include these features:

  • Participants have access 24 hours/ 7 days a week to the course's password-protected web site. 
  • Each participant belongs to a small Community for Conversation and faith sharing guided by a facilitator.
  • The course site is usually available to participants at least three months after the course.
  • An orientation in how to navigate the web site is always available.
  • Technical assistance is easy to contact and prompt in returning a message.
  • A Certificate of Active Participation is awarded to those who post at least three messages of substance for each week of content.

Additional Materials Needed
Everything you need for this course is provided on the course web site.  View this issue of C21 Resources"Encountering Jesus in the Scriptures."  If you prefer a hard copy of this issue, email The Church in the 21st Century Center at

Time Commitment
A participant can expect to spend an average of approximately 4 hours each week. This commitment includes both the assigned reading and interaction online.


Content Scholars:
  Various scholars contributed articles,  under the editorship of the late Rev. Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., and Dr. Christopher R. Matthews.

The caliber of the articles were excellent. The exchanges with the facilitator and other students was meaningful, and I think a great deal was covered in this short time. It is interesting and rewarding to read what other people think on these deep topics, people from all over the country.

~ Participant,
Spring 2012

This is an excellent opportunity to do some ongoing formation, as well as come to a better appreciation of online learning communities. The articles and presentations (video and podcasts) provide a variety of authors and speakers, all of whom bring a deeper understanding of the topics presented. I will continue to encourage the catechetical leaders in our diocese to take advantage of this program.

~ Participant,
Spring 2011