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Online Certificate in Liturgy


The certificate program is an ideal opportunity for anyone looking to invigorate the liturgical life of his or her community.  The Online Certificate in Liturgy employs a comprehensive approach to liturgical ministry that looks not only at how to plan a liturgy, but also encourages a fuller understanding of the Scripture and sacraments that the Church preaches and celebrates within the liturgy.

The certificate is a popular option for organizations and individuals interested in revitalizing the liturgical lives of their communities with best practices, new ideas, and more highly trained ministers.

Cost: The cost depends on which courses participants complete to earn the Online Certificate in Liturgy.  3-4 week courses are $25 and 5+ week courses are $50.  The average cost to complete the four required areas is $175.

Time Required:  There is no set time required to complete the Online Certificate in Liturgy.  Earn a certificate of active participation in each of the areas identified below as your schedule allows and email us once you have satisfied the required components.  We'll review your record and send you an Online Certificate in Liturgy if you qualify.

To receive an Online Certificate in Liturgy, you must complete a minimum of 18 weeks of courses with this distribution:

Scripture, 8 weeks

Sacraments, 4 weeks

Liturgy Committee, 3 weeks

An additional selection from Scripture or Sacraments (above);
or Preaching (below)