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Jesus Foretold and Fulfilled


Featuring the late Daniel J.  Harrington, S.J., who was Boston College School of Theology and Ministry Professor of New Testament

Explore the Scriptures of Advent and Christmas for a richer celebration of these seasons.  In this course you will have the opportunity to break open the Church’s weekday readings for Advent, with emphasis on the dynamic of promise and fulfillment between the Old and New Testament readings as they are organized in the Lectionary.  Then, take a closer look at the infancy narratives, and the distinctive approaches taken by the Evangelists.  In addition, there will be recommendations for personal prayer practices in preparation for Christmas.   No prior experience in Scripture study is necessary.

Check the course schedule for future offerings of this course.

Special Features

  • An introduction and study guide for each week
  • Two streaming video presentations by Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., given previously at Boston College
  • Text transcripts of video presentations in downloadable pdf format
  • Weekly questions for reflection and discussion
  • A Resource Page for further study

All Crossroads courses include these features:

  • Participants have access 24 hours/ 7 days a week to the course's password-protected web site. 
  • Each participant belongs to a small Community for Conversation and faith sharing guided by a facilitator.
  • Site is usually available to participants at least three months after the course.
  • An orientation in how to navigate the web site is always available.
  • Technical assistance is easy to contact and prompt in returning a message.
  • A Certificate of Active Participation is awarded to those who post at least three messages of substance for each week of content.

Week 1: Jesus Foretold and Fulfilled in the Readings of Advent
Week 2: Jesus Fulfilled in the Infancy Narratives

Additional Materials Needed
Although there will be a Bible available online, you may wish to have a Bible available in hard copy also.
All other readings will be downloadable from the course site or available via links to other Internet sites.

Time Commitment
A participant can expect to spend an average of approximately 4 hours each week. This commitment includes time to view the videos, complete assigned reading, and interact in the online discussion forum.


Content Scholar:  The late Father Daniel J. Harrington, S.J. (video);
course design Melinda Brown Donovan