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STM Online: Crossroads Courses


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Encounter the riches of the Bible with an introductory level overview of a specific book of the Bible, or with a course that offers a thematic exploration of Scripture.





Themes from Our Christian Tradition

What does it mean to be a Catholic Christian?  This category includes a range of courses that define this essential identity and describe core beliefs.





Sacraments and Liturgy

Examine Catholic Christian worship as the “source and summit” of our lives.  Learn about the Church’s seven sacraments, or focus on practical engagement with our liturgical life through courses on preaching and liturgy planning.




The Moral Life

What is inherent within human moral experience and character?  Reflect on these questions in the context of Christian theology, with an overview of moral theology, the basics of Catholic Social Teaching, and more.




Prayer and Spirituality

How do Christians experience God through prayer and other practices?  Reflect on the nature of spirituality itself or explore a wide range of ways that Christians engage with the Holy.





How are we called to serve God and others?  What is the meaning of evangelization in the Church?  What is the theory and practice of religious education?  These questions and more are covered in this category of courses.



The “Signs of the Times” series includes courses that address difficult social, political and cultural themes in order to provide steps to bridge the deep divisions in the U.S. today.

C21 Resources

This magazine is published twice yearly by Boston College’s Church in the 21st Century Center.  Each issue focuses on a theme of contemporary significance to the Church, and contains short, informative articles that serve as the text for a guided discussion.

The Online Book Club

Engage with an author’s ideas and participate in conversation with others about a selected text.  In these courses, guidance is offered in the form of an experienced facilitator and general discussion questions.  Then, the conversation unfolds in light of the interests of those in the conversation circle.