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STM Online: Crossroads Courses


Adult Faith Formation for a Vibrant Church
featuring video with Thomas Groome, Theresa O’Keefe, and Hosffman Ospino
This course explores the implications of a post-modern and diverse culture, key themes of evangelization and catechesis, and basic skills such as the art of adult conversation and new perspectives such as communities of practice, so that we can imagine adult faith formation at the heart of community life. (5 weeks)

Autumn Blessings: Spirituality in the Second Half of Life
featuring videos with Dr. Kathleen Fischer and Father Ronald Rolheiser, O.M.I.

This course examines the spiritual tasks in the second half of adulthood in contrast to the first half of life. (5 weeks) 

Becoming an Evangelizing Faith Community
featuring video with Dr. Jane E. Regan and Dr. Susan M. Timoney
This course provides a variety of voices that reflect on the how’s and why’s of engaging ourselves and others in conversations about a life focused on Jesus Christ. (5 weeks)

Christian Faith and Moral Character
featuring clips from feature films and text by Father Kenneth Himes, O.F.M.
Examine the meaning of character and its significance for moral life. Explore the topics of moral freedom, human sinfulness, and the nature of conversion. (5 weeks) 

The Creed: What We Believe
featuring video with Father Michael J. Himes
Using the Apostles Creed as its outline but referring also to the Nicene Creed and to Scripture, explore both what it means to believe as well as what is believed so that we may live our faith more richly every day. (5 weeks) 

Encountering Mark, Matthew, and Luke: The Synoptic Gospels
featuring video with Father Michael J. Himes and articles by Dr. Philip A. Cunningham
Let the Scriptures enrich your spiritual life! Explore the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, and Luke in this course. (7 weeks) 

The Gospel of John                                                                   
featuring video with Father Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., and the late Father Daniel J. Harrington, S.J.  

This course provides an overview of the Gospel according to John.  In particular, it investigates the unique features of the fourth Gospel that distinguish it from the Synoptics and its role within the Lectionary. (5 weeks) 

Living Faith in Our Social Context
featuring video with Fr. Kenneth Himes, O.F.M.
This course draws attention to key themes of Catholic Social thought, e.g., human dignity, human rights, common good, and considers how our call to live lives of faith in a social context is deeply rooted in the Catholic Tradition. (5 weeks) 

NEW!  The Online Book Club: "Laudato Si'," by Pope Francis
This course provides an opportunity to read the encyclical letter subtitled “On Care for Our Common Home” and discuss its wide-ranging implications.  Decide for yourself the impact it may have on the way you and your local community address the needs of this planet and the care of our natural resources. (4 weeks) 

NEW!  The Online Book Club: Prayer: Our Deepest Longing, by Ronald Rolheiser
This course provides an opportunity for those who desire to deepen their prayer in spite of a hectic and demanding life to examine those obstacles that impede prayer. (5 weeks) 

The Online Book Club: The Church of Mercy, by Pope Francis
This course provides the opportunity to participate in an online conversation that explores a collection of Pope Francis's speeches, homilies, prayers, and papers that have been compiled from the first year of his papacy.  (5 weeks)

Philippians, featuring Roy Goetz, and Dan Hennessey, Vincent M. Smiles, Catherine Upchurch, and Clifford M. Yeary
This course is a study of the Letter to the Philippians, one of Paul’s letters from prison. In addition to sharing one’s own reflection on the text, the course provides the opportunity to converse about the remarks of five different commentators.  (5 weeks) 

Sacraments in Catholic Life
featuring articles by Dr. Jennifer Bader and clips of feature films
Explore the sacramental life of the Church with this overview of sacramentality and the seven sacraments. (5 weeks) 

Spirituality Matters
featuring video with Father Michael J. Himes
Your spirituality affects your total outlook on life and every aspect of daily living. Join other adults in discussing important questions and best practices. (5 weeks) 

Teaching Religion: Creative Strategies and Best Practices (Elementary) 
course designed by Jane Ayer
Focused on the elementary and junior high catechist and religious educator, explore teaching as a vocation, the various types of learners, and different approaches to presenting religious education material. (5 weeks) 

What Makes Us Catholic, Part 1: Community, Common Good, Common Heritage, and Sacramental Life
featuring videos with Dr. Thomas H. Groome

Join a guided discussion of the first half of Dr. Groome's critically acclaimed book, What Makes Us Catholic. (5 weeks)

What Makes Us Catholic, Part 2: Leap of Faith, Justice, Loving Beyond Borders, and Growing Spiritually
featuring videos with Dr. Thomas H. Groome

A guided discussion of the second half of Dr. Groome's critically acclaimed book, What Makes Us Catholic. (Part I is not a pre-requisite for Part II) (5 weeks) 

Way of Justice and Peace (cosponsored by Little Rock Scripture Study and Boston College Crossroads)
featuring video with Eleanor Henley, Judy Hoelzeman, and Catherine Upchurch
This course reflects on God's call to holiness and our response, the requirements of discipleship, and the lasting rewards of following the way of justice and peace.  A good foundation for anyone growing in discipleship. (6 weeks)


Pope Francis's Interview: Continuing the Conversation is a course designed to contextualize and investigate Pope Francis’ interview with worldwide Jesuit journals, “A Big Heart Open to God."

C21 Resources Courses
Each three-week course provides a guided discussion concerning an issue of C21 Resources, a publication of Boston College's Church in the 21st Century Center.  Each issue contains about 15 short, informative articles reprinted from a variety of journals, centered on a selected theme. Click the following link for a free subscription to C21 Resources

A Catholic Intellectual Tradition (Spring 2013 issue) 

A Catholic View of Today's Families (Spring 2015 issue) 

A Church of and for the Poor (Fall 2014 issue) 

Encountering Jesus (Fall 2008 issue)

The Eucharist: At the Heart of Catholic Life (Fall 2011 issue)

Grace and Commitment: Religious and Ordained (Spring 2011 issue) 

Grace and Commitment: The Laity (Fall 2010 issue)

Growing Faith: Adults in an Evangelizing Church (Spring 2010 issue) 

Growing Faith: Children and Adolescents (Fall 2009 issue)

Intimacy Throughout Life: A Catholic Perspective (Spring 2014 issue)

Places and Times for Sharing Faith (Fall 2012 issue)

Roles and Relationships in the Church Today (Fall 2013 issue) 

A Sacramental People (Spring 2012 issue)

Spiritual Practices (Spring 2009 issue)

Liturgy Courses

Effective Preaching: Homily Preparation is a course designed for ordained and lay preachers to explore how to craft an engaging homily. (4 weeks)

Effective Preaching: Preaching to Children is a course designed to help lay and ordained preachers speak to the hearts of children.  (3 weeks)

NEW!  Effective Preaching: Preaching at Weddings is a course designed to help participants effectively craft and deliver meaningful homilies at weddings.  (3 weeks)

The Liturgy Committee is a course designed for parishioners and parish staff members who are involved or who want to be involved in a parish liturgy committee. (4 weeks) 

Scripture Courses

John in Holy Week and Easter, featuring videos with the late Father Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., and Father Thomas D. Stegman, S.J., on the Gospel of John in the seasons of Holy Week and Easter. (3 weeks) 

Jesus Foretold and Fulfilled, featuring videos with the late Father Daniel J. Harrington, S.J., explores the readings for the Advent and Christmas seasons. (3 weeks)

Philippians, featuring videos with Roy Goetz, and Dan Hennessey, Vincent M. Smiles, Catherine Upchurch, and Clifford M. Yeary. (4 weeks)

The Gospel of Mark* (3 weeks)

The Gospel of Matthew* (3 weeks)

The Gospel of Luke* (3 weeks)

*The course material and videos in these three courses are the same units used in the 7-week course, Encountering Mark, Matthew, and Luke: The Synoptic Gospels.

5-week course fee: $50
3- and 4-week course fee: $25