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Crossroads Certificates


  • Online Certificate of Basic Catechesis - Active participants in five courses, one from each of the following designated areas:
    - Themes from our Christian Tradition
    - Sacraments and Worship
    - Morality
    - Spirituality
    - Teaching Religion - Elementary or High School

  • Online Certificate in Liturgy - Active participants in a minimum of 22 weeks of courses with this distribution:
    - Scripture, 9 weeks
    - Sacraments, 5 weeks
    - Liturgy Committee, 4 weeks
    - Additional selection from Scripture, Sacraments, or Preaching, 4 weeks

  • Certificate of Online Continuing Education - Active participants in any five courses.

  • Custom Certificates - A diocese, parish or other entity has the option of using Crossroads courses to support their own certification process. For example, they may select specific Crossroads courses for customized certification.

  • Certificate of Active Participation - Participants who post at least three messages of substance for each week of a course.

    Your certificate will automatically be emailed to you as a PDF within a month after the course site has closed.  If a month has elapsed and you have not received a certificate, please send an inquiry to Crossroads staff at  Inquiries about certificates need to be made within two months of completion of the course.

Further information is available. Contact Crossroads staff at