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School of Theology and Ministry

Volunteer Organizations

school of theology and ministry

Please check out these volunteer organization websites and contact them if you are interested in volunteering. A number of our current/former students are current/former volunteers of these programs. We highly recommend that you apply to the STM and defer a year in order to volunteer with one of these programs. Generous funding is given to current/former volunteers. To be considered for scholarships, please fill-out the financial aid form and return it to the admissions office along with your completed application. 


Logo: Augustinian Volunteers

Augustinian Volunteers
Recruitment Coordinator: Joanna Bowen, Director of the Augustinian Volunteers
(610) 527-3330 ext. 290

Augustinian Volunteers are Catholic men and women who wish to serve God’s people in partnership with the Augustinians and others. The service of the Volunteers is with established educational, social, and health programs and varies according to the needs of the sponsoring site and the individual Volunteer.

The experience of the Augustinian Volunteers is designed to facilitate a person’s desire to serve others. It is also focused on the Volunteer’s personal and spiritual development in the Augustinian tradition. By building and living in community with other Volunteers and forming relationships with local Augustinian Communities, the Volunteers' lives will be enriched as they enrich the lives of others.

Logo: Capuchin Volunteer Corps

Capuchin Franciscan Volunteer Corps, New York
Recruitment Coordinator: Br. Lake Herman
(845) 424-3609

In the spirit and tradition of St. Francis, Cap Corps Volunteers at CYFM help to rebuild today’s Catholic Church through mentoring the faith life of teenagers and their families. Through designing and leading retreats, running weekly youth group meetings in a parish, and serving and facilitating outreach programs, Cap Corps Volunteers witness to their faith in many ways and in doing so are transformed in the process.

Logo: Good Shepherd Volunteers

Good Shepherd Volunteers 
Recruitment Coordinator: Laura Halley
(718) 943-7488

Good Shepherd Volunteers collaborates with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd to provide full-time volunteers with the opportunity to work in social service ministries and to use their God-given talents serving women, adolescents, and children affected by poverty, violence, and neglect. Developing relationships with the marginalized of our world empowers volunteers to grow in knowledge and faith that inspire them to lead a life of seeking justice.

Logo: Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Jesuit Volunteer Corps

Recruitment Coordinator: Cassie Clemente
(410) 244-1733

The Jesuit Volunteer Corps offers women and men an opportunity to work full-time for justice and peace.  Jesuit Volunteers are called to the mission of serving the poor directly, working for structural change in the United States, and accompanying people in developing countries.

Logo: L'Arche USA

L'Arche USA
Recruitment Coordinator: Ellen Eischen
(202) 543-0630

We are people, with and without developmental disabilities, sharing life in communities belonging to an International Federation. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together. We celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need of one another.

Logo: Lasallian Volunteers

Lasallian Volunteers
Recruitment Coordinator: Martin Richard
(202) 529-0047

The Lasallian Volunteer Program of the USA/Toronto Region of the De La Salle Christian Brothers provides dedicated, well-trained Volunteers for one or more years of service to schools and agencies of the Brothers whose Mission is to serve the poor. Acting out of faith, rooted in the Gospel, and sharing community with the Brothers and other Lasallians, the Volunteers empower the poor by personalized service primarily through education. Lasallian Volunteers change the world for the better and discover themselves transformed in the process.