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School of Theology and Ministry

Spiritual Formation

school of theology and ministry

Gold seal of the Society of Jesus

The School of Theology and Ministry (STM) educates its students in the theological traditions of the Church and seeks to develop effective pastoral competencies, while forming them in an authentic Christian way of life. The spirituality of St. Ignatius Loyola encourages people to seek and find God at work in their own experience as well as in the world around them and to make good decisions about how to use their gifts to serve Christ and the world. In a school of theology and ministry at a Jesuit university, Ignatian Spirituality holds a central place along with other Christian traditions of formation.

STM’s theological and ministerial formation assumes a context in which men and women, Jesuits and other religious, lay persons, and those preparing for the priesthood or lay ecclesial ministry work together in classes, liturgy, ministerial activities, and service to the school community and the local Church. Students are encouraged to be part of the many formation offerings that exist at the local, national, or international level at the STM, Boston College, and the Boston Theological Institute (BTI).

Within and beyond the classroom, the entire STM community participates in the mission of shaping theologically astute, pastorally competent, and spiritually mature ministers for today’s church. Co-Worker’s in the Vineyard of the Lord and The Program for Priestly Formation underscore the fact that formation of the whole person is essential for effective ministry. While formation requirements vary according to degree program the STM is committed to providing the best possible opportunities and guidance in helping all students begin a process of education, formation, and personal development that must become a life-long endeavor.