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Conference Opportunities

school of theology and ministry

Every year, dozens of STM students participate and present in conferences related to their studies. These conferences are enriching experiences and supplement what is being taught in the classroom, while helping students prepare for life after the STM. As an STM student you are eligible for one of the most generous reimbursement policies for academic conferences at Boston College.

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Featured Opportunities

College Theology Society Annual Convention

College Theology Society Annual Convention, May 31- June 3, 2018

The College Theology Society Annual Convention is themed: “You Say You Want a Revolution?” 1968-2018 in Theological Perspective.“We all want to change the world,” sang the Beatles in August 1968.  When they recorded this album, one of the most extraordinary years of the twentieth century was still playing out, and revolutions of all kinds, some violent, such as the Tet Offensive in January, and some peaceful, such as Thomas Merton’s participation in interreligious dialogue with the Dalai Lama in the month he died, were causing seismic shifts in the political, cultural and religious landscape of human life.  Technology also changed the cultural landscape, bringing the world closer together, while also introducing unfamiliar ways of life and diverse religious beliefs in America’s living rooms.  The photo of Earthrise taken by Apollo 8 on December 24, the first of its kind, ended the year with a new visual perspective on a world we are meant to protect—a world in crisis as Rachel Carson had warned us six years earlier… The convention will take place at St. Catherine's University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Association of Catholic College and Universities Annual Meeting

Catholic Theological Society of America Annual Convention, June 7-10, 2018

The theme of the 2018 CTSA convention will be “Grace at Work in the World.” To my astonishment, and perhaps yours, “grace” has never been the theme of a CTSA convention, and so—long overdue—its time has come. If the theme were simply grace, of course, nothing from the Christian tradition would be excluded, and the conference might have no focus at all. Perhaps that is why it has never been addressed before, maybe just taken for granted as that which underlies consideration of every other theme. So the theme is not just grace, but grace as it is at work in the world... The conference will be held at the Indianapolis Marriott Downtown, in Indianapolis, Indiana.


Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice, November 3-5, 2018

What is the Ignatian Family Teach-In for Justice? It is an annual gathering for members of the Ignatian family (Jesuit institutions and larger church) to gather in the context of social justice and solidarity to learn, reflect, pray, network, and advocate together. It is a place where people are empowered, re-energized, inspired, challenged, and supported by a community that see faith and justice integrally linked. Now in its 20th year, the IFTJ has a rich history rooted in honoring the Jesuits and their companions who were martyred in El Salvador in 1989. This conference will take place in Washington, DC.



REA Annual Meeting 2018: Beyond White Normativity: Creating Brave Spaces, November 2-4, 2018

We, as men and women of faith, are living in a time of profound conflict and crisis, not unlike other eras that we have had to face. Recent events such as white supremacist rallies in the United States, the push for a wall between Mexico and the United States, calls to close national borders to economic and political refugees, and the rise of nationalist candidates in European elections point to the fact that at the heart of this conflict is the intractable problem of white normativity, white privilege, and intolerance of “the other”.

This issue is not new to us as religious educators, though. Our field has long been engaged in this struggle through scholarship, publications, ministries and courses that address whiteness, white normativity and discrimination. But the entrenched systemic racism, intolerance and xenophobia that we are experiencing require that we continually reflect on how are we engaging our students in these issues. Are we teaching them to recognize how white privilege divides people, perpetuates inequalities, distorts one’s worldviews and prevents them from relating to one another authentically? Have we opened discussions as to how some of us have benefited from white privilege and how others have been denied such privileges? Are we encouraging our students to ask how religious educators and practitioners can work together to deconstruct white normativity, privilege and supremacy? More positively, are we creating an environment in classrooms and other learning spaces that challenges and encourages people to be authentically human, and so live in the presence of all others? This conference will take place in Washington, DC.

Roth Essay Contest, $750 prize: Mercersburg Society

All students are encouraged to submit a paper to contend for the “Roth Prize.” This contest awards a $750 dollar prize for the best student essay written on any topic, historical or contemporary, pertaining to Mercersburg Theology. For more information pertaining to Mercersburg Theology please visit their website.

All submitted essays should be 15-20 pages in length, and complete with appropriate documentation. Submissions can be emailed to Anne Thayer until May 25, 2018. Thank you for your submissions!



University of Toronto's Symposia: The Journal of Religion is issuing an open call for papers for the special 10th anniversary edition of the journal. Articles from all disciplines addressing religion and religious studies are welcome. We also invite book reviews and op-eds related topics in religious studies. All submissions are subject to a double-blind peer review process and this edition of the journal is set to be published in autumn of 2018.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the journal or your submission, and consult our website for submission details and formatting requirements.

Boston College Center for Christian-Jewish LearningBoston College Center for Christian-Jewish Learning Junior Research Grant

Center for Christian-Jewish Learning: Scholar Research Grants

The Center for Christian-Jewish Learning Junior Scholars Research Grants support Boston College graduate students pursuing research that is of value to the field of Christian-Jewish relations. Grants may support recipients' production of articles, book sections or chapters, conference presentations, digital materials, translations, or other scholarly resources. Research grants are one-time awards of $1,000. Up to five research grants are awarded each academic year and each summer. Please take advanatge of the application details and instructions. Applications are evaluated on a rolling basis. 

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Ford Foundation Fellowship Program: Stipends Available

The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine is accepting predoctoral, dissertation, and postdoctoral applications for the 2018 Ford Foundation Fellowship Program for Achieving Excellence in College and University Teaching. The Ford Foundation seeks to increase the diversity of the nation's college and university faculties, to maximize the educational benefits of diversity, and to increase the number of professors who can and will use diversity as a resource for enriching the education of all students. Email the Ford Foundation with further questions and to submit applications.