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School of Theology and Ministry

Student Conference Funding

school of theology and ministry

Financial assistance is available to STM students who attend professional and academic conferences as a way to further their graduate and professional research initiatives and professional formation goals, and to represent the school on the local, national, and international level.  Both the School of Theology and Ministry and the Graduate Student Association offer opportunities to fund conferences and research for qualified students. 

Looking for a conference? Check our list of upcoming conferences and calls for papers.

Please contact Steve Cote ( with any questions or concerns regarding funding and travel.


Instuctions for applying for conference funding

  • Students interested in conference funding are encouraged to apply for conference funding through the Graduate Student Association. Information on how to apply is available through their website. Please take careful note of sensitive deadlines.

  • After a student has applied for funding through the GSA, they may apply for conference funding through the STM's Individual Conference Grant.

  • STM Individual Conference Grant (ICG)
    The STM’s Individual Conference Grant (ICG) program, funded by the Office of the Dean and the STM Student Forum, is designed to supplement the Individual Conference Grant program of the Boston College Graduate Student Association (GSA), and to offset costs associated with scholarly research and conference attendance that are not directly funded by other agencies, schools/departments within the university.

      How to apply for ICG funding

  1. Awards are granted to STM students in good standing whose participation falls within two general categories: (1) conference attendance, or (2) conference presentation.
  2. Eligible students in these categories first submit an Application Form to the STM Student Forum Treasurer. They can be granted up to $50 to offset conference expenses for conferences which they are attending, or up to $100 to offset expenses at conferences at which they are presenting.
  3. If the student’s request exceeds the amounts stated above, the Student Forum Treasurer will then forward the application to the Associate Dean of Student Affairs for the possibility of additional funding through the STM Dean’s Office. An ICG committee, appointed by the dean, then decides whether to offer the student additional funding based on the merits of his/her application, the tier to which the student is applying (tier levels), and the funding available at the time the application is received.
  4. Students must provide proof that they have actually attended or presented at the conference for which s/he is requesting funding. For conference attendees, this can be done by submitting proof of registration as well as a program from the conference. For those presenting at conferences, this can be done by submitting a conference flyer, advertisement, or program that mentions the presenter’s name as well as the title of his or her presentation. Original flyers, advertisements, or programs are preferred.
  5. In order to receive reimbursement for travel expenses, applicants must meet the requirements of the Boston College Travel Policy. Please note, however, that the STM conference funding program does not reimburse for meals.
  6. If approved for funding, the applicant must submit a BC Student Reimbursement Form with the original receipts to the Student Forum Treasurer within two weeks of returning from the conference.   

Please note the travel and reimbursement policies listed on the Boston College travel website