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School of Theology and Ministry

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Coordinator, Marriage and Family Life

Diocese of Oakland, Department of Evangelization and Catechesis

Oakland, CA



Keith Borchers

Director, Department for Evangelization and Catechesis

Diocese of Oakland

2121 Harrison Street, Suite 100

Oakland, CA 94612

510-893-4711 Fax: 510-272-0738


Diocese of Oakland Position Description

Coordinator, Marriage and Family Life Chancellor
Evangelization and Catechesis Director, DEC

Professional/Exempt (E-5), Full time w/ health benefits

In conjunction with the Bishop, the mission of the Diocese of Oakland and the Director for Evangelization and Catechesis, this position will facilitate services to assist the domestic Church by offering a host of educational programs, events, services, and resources designed to promote an authentic Catholic vision of marriage, human sexuality, and family life.

These include (but are not limited to): marriage preparation and enrichment programs, natural family planning services, and an annual Wedding Anniversary Mass. The Coordinator is responsible for the implementation and oversight of all of the operations of the office according to the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1.*Plan, implement, and evaluate all English and Spanish marriage preparation programs ensuring that existing programs are consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church and meet the current needs of families. Recruit, educate, evaluate, and enrich a pool of marriage prep volunteers for marriage prep weekends.

2.*Provide opportunities for the professional and theological growth of those involved in diocesan- and parish-based marriage and family ministry, including: on-going education for clergy and laity, NFP instructors, parish marriage and family life advocates, etc.

3.*Design and implementation of various educational programs and presentations that promote an authentic Catholic vision of marriage, human sexuality, and family life, particularly the teachings of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body (e.g., parish speaking engagements, workshops, conferences, events, etc.).

4.*Promote and support the work of the various NFP teachers, providers, and organizations.

5.*Serve as advisor to the Bishop, BAC, and other chancery staff on issues pertinent to the mission of the position.

6.*Initiate and plan all facets of an annual Wedding Anniversary Mass, Men’s and/or Women’s Conference, making certain to work closely with the Catholic Voice regarding the essential promoting and reporting of these events.

7.*Promote and support the various independent marriage and family ministries of the Diocese such as Engaged Encounter, Marriage Encounter, Retrouvaille, Catholic Divorced Widowed and Separated, Couples for Christ and other recognized apostolates, etc.

8.*Review, evaluate, maintain, and disseminate resources and information pertinent to the mission of the position.

9.*Collaborate with Catholic Charities, Church agencies, and other therapeutic agencies for referrals to marriage and family for bereavement and/or critical life situations.

10.            *Remain current in the areas of theology and catechetics, and study the documents of the Catholic Church, specifically the Catechism of the Catholic Church, papal encyclicals and exhortations, and documents of the USCCB on issues pertinent to the mission of the position.

11.            *Display genuine interest and care for the people of the diocese by honoring the cultural context and personality distinctions.

12.            *Draft correspondence and other documents and papers.

13.            *Supervise volunteers as needed.

14.            *Provide financial management as needed.

15.            May be given various other assignments and projects consistent with the responsibility level and general duties of a Coordinator.

* Denotes essential functions of this position, in conjunction with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Requirements and Preferences

Education Required:

Experience Required: Experience Preferred:

Skills Required: Skills Preferred: Other Required:

Master’s degree or demonstrated work towards graduate degree in Theology or comparable field with a preferred emphasis in marriage and family studies.

Three years experience in field related to marriage and family.

Five years experience in related field; prefer experience at diocesan level. Working knowledge of diocesan and parish structures and operations.

Excellent communication, organizational, and administrative skills; proficiency with Microsoft Office software.

Fluent in spoken and written Spanish; ability to attract and effectively supervise volunteers.

A Catholic who supports, lives and communicates the teachings of the Catholic Church; ability to provide own transportation; valid CDL and verification of auto insurance; availability to work evenings and weekends as needed.