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School of Theology and Ministry

Job Opportunity

Campus Ministry/ Administration


University of Notre Dame

South Bend, IN

Rector Position Summary

The Rector is the primary pastoral minister for the residential community and principal administrator for the residence facility and it programs. The Rector has a special and unique responsibility to foster Christian Community within the residence hall, inspired and informed by Notre Dame’s Catholic, Holy Cross tradition.


The Rector is responsible for the well-being of all residents and members of Hall Staff. This includes primary responsibility for assisting students in the integration of their religious, academic, and social development. In addition, the Rector is responsible for leadership and coordination of all residence programs, in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Residence Life.

Each Rector is assisted by a Head Staff comprised of Assistant Rectors and Resident Assistants, whom they are responsible for selecting, training, and supervising. The Rector also serves as the primary liaison to the appropriate University offices for overall condition of the residence facility and physical plant operations.

Pastoral Leadership
The Rector serves as the pastoral leader of the residence hall community. The Rector is responsible for developing and maintaining a Christian community that is welcoming to all students, both Catholic and non-Catholic and is attentive to the spiritual needs of all students. The Rector ensures availability of opportunities for Catholic worship, including Sunday liturgies and daily Mass, and plans events in observance of the Church’s liturgical calendar. The Rector collaborates closely with Campus Ministry in the planning of retreats, liturgical resources, and opportunities to integrate faith and learning. The Rector also partner with other University offices to for further development or service opportunities. The Rector is an active and visible witness of a committed Christian.

The Rector is the principal administrator for each residence facility. The Rector is responsible for the selection, training, personal development, supervision, and dismissal if necessary, of all residence hall staff, including Assistant Rectors, Resident Assistants, and all student workers. The Rector will participate in the annual Hall Staff Orientation and Training. Additionally the Rector will provide hall specific orientation training at the beginning of each academic year supplemented by ongoing training throughout the year. The Rector will meet weekly with their Hall Staff to provide supervision and will conduct a performance evaluation each member of Hall Staff at the end of each term.


The Rector will develop operating procedures for the Residence Hall which will include: health and safety standards, records maintenance, and in-Hall disciplinary procedures. The Rector is responsible for the stewardship of monetary resources of the Hall as well as for the condition of the Hall, working with Building Services and the Office of Residence Life as necessary to address any physical plant issues.

Hall Life
The Rector is responsible for establishing and maintaining a vibrant hall life that encourages the development of spiritual, academic, service, athletic, social, and leadership experiences. The Rector will develop and implement an orientation program to welcome and acquaint all new members of the hall community. The Rector will support and attend hall programs and will be the official advisor to the Hall Government. The Rector will be readily present and accessible to residents and will counsel, advise and refer students as necessary and appropriate.

University Resource
The Rector will serve as a resource to the Division of Student Affairs by collaborating with Departments within the Division and within the University to assist and support students. The Rector will be a point of contact for faculty, staff, and parents of hall residents. The Rector will work with University Health Services and the University Counseling Center as necessary to address health and wellness issue of residents.

Experience / Skills Required

  • 3+ years experience in ministry or administration required, ideally in Catholic higher 
education or non-profit agency
  • Knowledge of student life issues
  • Supervisory experience, particularly training and coordinating volunteers
  • Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively in higher education with faculty, staff and 
  • Effective interpersonal skills, including a willingness to create a welcoming environment for 
all people
  • Ability to design, coordinate, implement and evaluate programs with and for students
  • Ability to manage complex situations and multiple responsibilities simultaneously, mixing 
long term projects with urgent or immediate demands
  • Ability to manage stress and maintain personal and emotional stability in a demanding work 
  • Strong communication skills, both written and oral, with a facility for public speaking
  • Strong organizational skills, with a demonstrated attention to detail
  • Competent with technology (MS Office Suite, including Word, Excel, Outlook) and ability 
to learn new systems.
  • Understanding of the structure, mission, and values of institutions of Catholic higher education


Fr. Pete McCormick, CSC
 University of Notre Dame
 Program Director for Rector Recruiting 574.631.8011 |